McNabb's Downfall Coincides with his Raiders Diss

Anybody remember when Donovan McNabb was the hottest thing available via trade? The Raiders were the rumored landing spot until Mr. McNabb shot that idea down by saying he would rather retire than play for us. That eliminated us as a potential suitor, and also sent Donovan on his ill advised trip to the Shanahans facility where he had less than minimal success. He was a colossal failure, never being embraced nor showing any type of talent being left in his very badly beaten body.

I really wanted us to make that trade. Obviously that was before his audacious remarks. I laugh now at the thought of his rebuttal costing him the chance to be loved in a way he has not felt since his time in Syracuse. He was never truly embraced by the whole of the Eagles fanbase and he certainly was never embraced by the Redskins fanbase.

He shot us down without ever giving the idea a chance. We have had two 8-8 seasons in a row since then that were ever so close to making it into the playoffs while he is now without a job. Perhaps he should have thought about his decision to insult us a little bit before thumbing his nose at the one true Nation. Just maybe his last two years might have been more enjoyable in the California Sun, instead of flaming out in DC.

Honestly his abilities at the time would have translated well to our team. We got Jason Campbell instead and he turned out to be the far better performer over McNabb but I don't think that would have been the case had Donovan chose us. I believe we had the more talented team, and the hungrier team. If he had come here I really believe he would still be our starting QB going into this year. I would rather have Palmer anyway.

McNabb made a huge tactical error made on assumptions on how our organization was run. He did not consider the love that is shown to each and every Raider until proven otherwise. He would have been embraced in a way that he hasn't been in the NFL. He also would have had the fastest WRs in the game to throw to, which would have been much more similar to his Philly team than Washington was.

Last but certainly not least in this equation is that he never would have had to play for Mike "The Rat" Shanahan. Those two were never going to be able to work together, which is exactly why the Eagles were willing to trade him to a division rival. He was doomed to fail in Washington the moment he put on that uniform. He looked out of place and uncomfortable his entire tenure there. Also I feel he was never given the control nor respect that a QB of his caliber (at the time) should have been given due to the overbearing size of "The Rat's" Ego.

Now McNabb is coming off as a crotchety, bitter man who is throwing hellfire on anything he can while simultaneously claiming to be a Hall of Famer. For the record I think he probably should be a Hall of Famer eventually, and he was certainly on his way to being one before he was shipped to Washington. He might not be anymore but he certainly has the numbers on his side minus the number one factor for a QB (THE RING).

The fact of the matter is he turned down a team that would have embraced him for a team that never was going to embrace him. It has tarnished his legacy and put major question marks on a stellar career. Lets face it, Hall of Famers do not blow up so stupendously at the end of their careers. Perhaps that wouldn't have been the case had he not spurned the Silver and Black.

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