Are chances improving of Raiders staying in Oakland?

I know this subject has been talked to death, but it appears that the NFL is content to use the L.A. stadium as leverage to get stadium deals for every team rumored to be headed to L.A., with the exception of one , the Oakland Raiders.

The 1st team rumored to be headed to L.A. was the Minnesota Vikings. When the commissioner jumped on a jet and closed the deal for a new stadium in Minnesota, that rumor died.

The Buffalo Bills were next to hit the rumor mill, but after extending their deal to play up North it is not likely they will be moving to L.A. either. Neither the NFL, nor the city of Los Angeles would invest in a Stadium for a part-time team.

The other scenario was the Rams moving back to L.A., Pat Bowlen selling the Broncos to the Kroenke family-- who presently own the Denver Nuggets , and Colorado Avalanche-- with Bowlen receiving an expansion team In St. Louis. Roger Goodell has stated the NFL is not interested in adding teams at this time, so the idea of an expansion team in L.A. or St. Louis does not really hold water.

The lease between the Rams and the St, Louis Convention & Visitors Commission requires that the dome be among the top quarter of all NFL stadiums. It submitted a $124 million proposal for improvements in February. The NFL and the Rams countered with a proposal in the $700 million range. According to news reports, the commission has rejected that proposal. That leaves St. Louis two weeks to reach a deal with the Rams or head to arbitration, which could result in the Rams becoming the equivalent of an unrestricted free agent, free to pack their bags for L.A..

For Oakland Raider fans who would like to see the Raiders remain in Oakland this would be good news right? Not so fast. The league does not wish to have one, but two, franchises in L.A. before it commits to a new stadium in L.A., and so far Oakland is the only city the NFL is not actively pursuing a Stadium deal with. This leaves the Raiders in the same position they have been in for years.

Al Davis moved to L.A. after being promised a new stadium, and chose to return to Oakland after the league insisted they share the proposed stadium in Hollywood Park. The new stadium in Oakland has never materialized mostly due to the NFL's refusal to commit to a new stadium for the Raiders unless it is shared with another team. First in Hollywood park, then trying to float the Idea of the Raiders sharing a stadium with the 49ers, and now yet again to share a stadium in L.A..

Leaving the Oakland Raiders right where they've been for decades, being forced to choose between remaining in a dated facility not up to NFL standards, or share an L.A. facility. Al Davis died waiting for the Raiders to be granted a facility worthy of an NFL franchise, believing the Raiders are a great franchise deserving of a facility to call their own. A facility which is up to par with the rest of the league, enabling the Raiders to compete on a level playing field with the rest of the league.

The city of Oakland would be hard pressed to come up with the $500 million commitment the NFL apparently expects from cities before committing to a new stadium project. Without the backing of the NFL, Oakland, like many smaller cities, has little chance of financing the type of stadium it would take to remain competitive in this league. Apparently the NFL's bias against the Raiders was not laid to rest with the Passing of Al Davis.

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