Shane Lechler-Key to Ray Guys' Enshrinement

The greatness of Ray Guy has been debated over and over all around the football realm and nothing has been made of an enshrinement into to the HOF. As we all know there has never been a pure punter voted into the HOF. Yale Lary and Sammy Baugh are about the closest thing besides our great George Blanda who was more known for his placekicking(I am failing to mention a Chief kicker but oh well). The point I am trying to get at is for Ray Guys' momentum into the HOF to gain steam, he needs Shane Lechler. Lechler who has the highest punting average for a career(just past Baugh at 47.3 yards) is not getting any younger. Our Oakland Raiders are on the verge of turning a corner and we need the spotlight. For one, we all know the powers of being under the national attention and winning big. Lately we have seen it in New England and Green Bay, but most recently across the bay. The Niners winning season helped them attain their new stadium deal and I feel like that can happen for Oakland as well. Not only can it help with a stadium deal, but with the spotlight on our team Lechler will shine. When he makes the huge punts in huge playoff games everyone will start talking about the Raiders and their great kickers. I believe that if the Raiders start to achieve great things, for example making the playoffs and advancing deep we will see more pressure being put on the HOF voters to take action towards getting another one of the Raider greats into the HOF. Not only Guy, but Tom Flores, Jim Plunkett, Cliff Branch all deserve the honors. What do you all think? Will a couple playoff seasons help these guys chances getting in?

Ray Guy was the first and only punter ever to be selected in the first round in the NFL Draft as of 2012. Ray Guy retired in 1986. During his career, Guy:

  • Played in 207 consecutive games
  • Punted 1,049 times for 44,493 yards, averaging 42.4 yards per punt, with a 33.8 net yards average
  • Had 210 punts inside the 20 yard line (not counting his first 3 seasons, when the NFL did not keep track of this stat), with just 128 touchbacks
  • Led the NFL in punting three times
  • Had a streak of 619 consecutive punts before having one blocked
  • Has a record of 111 career punts in post season games
  • Had five punts of over 60 yards during the 1981 season
  • Never had a punt returned for a touchdown

Ray Guy was selected to seven AFC Pro Bowl teams, and in 1994, he was named the punter on the National Football League's 75th Anniversary Team. -Wiki

This also does not account for his hang-time or coffin corners... to never have a punt returned for a TD is a remarkable feat for any punter

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