Just a few more weeks ladies and gents.

Training camp is starting to get closer. Every day to the marked event where we'll be reading about player performances, camp cuts and signees, looking at our draft pick's performances, and hear some gibber jabber from GM McKenzie and Coach Allen to pump us up with words of praise and what their expectations will be.

Oh yes. This is simply a pump up post. I don't have any useful insight about a player, what if scenarios, predictions, or any team evaluations. I'm looking ahead, and getting pretty damn excited for what our team will be able to do on both sides of the ball. My man crush Miles Burris will be starter day 1, and on paper our offense looks to be explosive as ever. Training camp and pre-season are my favorite times of the offseason, and it's just right around the corner. Days will quickly turn to weeks, and before you know it, football is alive once again, and the Raiders will arise from the ashes like a newborn pheonix. We will not die, but simply be reborn, and our team will be on its way back to glory.

Carson Palmer will be dishing out passes to our 5 young, talented WR core (Moore, Criner, DHB, Ford, Streater) who opposing DCs will have no idea to focus their attention on the most.

McFadden will double their nightmares, running, catching, blocking, and teaching our young and talented Taiwan Jones the fundamentals of opposing defense abuse (otherwise known as ODA).

Our OL will be getting an upgrade. Bergstrom, Heyer, and Brisiel will all be getting some good reps most likely, not only adding depth to our OL but flexibility and talent.

And while all that is happening, Good 'ole Mr. Fantastic Marcell Reece will have DCs scratching their heads asking "Wait is that a FB or a WR?" To answer the obvious question, it's both.

Defense is getting re-worked. We have a decent LB core with talented individuals in Stuper and Burris. Shaugnessy will be healthy, and we got rid of the boneheads Routt and Johnson. We look to go back to our dominant pass rushing ways, while working to deplete penalties which has been the main bane of our defense.

Now that I got my over expectations out of the way, I look forward to seeing our young WRs perform in just a few weeks. I'll look at our defensive formations, and see Burris and others making names for themselves. In the near future, I hope to see a Raiders team that plays smart, and not like a "bully." I don't know what my expectations are for this up-coming season other then to just see evidence of an improving, talented team. Our rebirth is just right around the corner, and soon, we will witness what we have been waiting for the last decade.

I can't wait.

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