UglyMac has gone to Heaven; He's watching the Raiders with Mr. Davis

Not sure how this works so bear with me please. I would like to first mention a great man, great friend, and great Raider fan. My father. UglyMac, to you folks here, died on June 2nd, 2012 from pancreatic cancer.

From the way he talked, you were all a part of his family, sadly though, I could only find a few posts from him. In his last post he divulged that he had an incurable condition and wanted to end his life so that his family would not have to suffer a prolonged death. A few of you responded and, I believe, talked him out of it. I loved the comment that said if you are going to end it all, why not rob a bank first and go out in style. My dad would've gotten a good chuckle from that.

I am so very thankful for the time I got to spend with him in the hospital.

About my dad: I am a product of his love for my mother and his love for the Oakland Raiders. My God, if you all could only see the Raider memorabilia he had!

I live in the Seattle area, and when the Seahawks, when they were still in the AFC West, would host the Raiders we were always at the kingdome flying our colors. And we never, NEVER, sat in the cheap seats. We were always right in the middle of the Seahawk fans.The closest I ever saw to my dad crying was when the Seahawks were 'placed' in the NFC.

I grew up hearing about Lester Hayes and Michael Haynes, the mighty Tooz, the finesse of Marcus, the hands of Freddy, and more. I know now that Plunkett was the ugliest QB to ever take the field, which was a testament to his skill, because as my dad would put it, "they usually only hire the pretty boys for that role."

He first noticed when Ray Guy's leg stopped touching his shoulder after punts, he loved Howie Long (named our dog Howie), and he loved the signings of Ronnie Lott, Jerry Rice and Bill Romanowski.

Now, my dad was rarely wrong when it came to the Raiders - at least from what I could see. But the one thing he admitted as poor judgement was the signing of Rich Gannon. Oh man, my house was tense for days after that pickup. But afterward he lectured me on never reading a book by its cover.

He was a great man, my dad, who on his deathbed wanted to know how the OTA's were going. I am sorry you all will not know what a wonderful, exciting, exuberant fan he was. I am equally sorry that after the last 10 years of undying loyalty, he will miss the Raiders' return to glory. He loved you all. Almost as much as he loved his Raiders.

I see you dad. I love you.

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