Reaction to Wes Stueve's Prediction for the Raiders 2012 Season


Wes Stueve wrote a article on Bleacher report (Win-Loss Predictions for Every new NFL head coach) He predictedthe Raiders to have a 2-14 season!! Here is the link --->

Wes Stueve wrote "The biggest problem with Oakland isn't Dennis Allen's inexperience, however; it's Oakland's lack of talent . I STRONGLY DISAGREE just because we didn't sign any big name free agents doesn't mean they can't be effective. Please doubt all of them because they all have something to prove. Let the NFL think our defense is a bunch of cast away's, call us a "NO NAME Defense" As long as they make plays i can care less if there not "Big Name Players" Don't ever question somebody's Will to do something, anyone can prove you wrong it's just a matter if they do so. ESPN's John Clayton actually LIKED the bargain shopping the Oakland Raiders did in the free agency!

Wes Stueve also said "The Raiders have a below-average quarterback in Carson Palmer." Really? BELOW AVERAGE? What is Alex Smith then?!?! Carson Palmer had no offseaon came in the middle of the seaon off the couch to learn a new playbook and build chemistry with the offense. Don't be so quick to judge looked what happend with DHB he had better stats than the diva crabtree with a Quarterback change!

What really made me laugh "Oakland lack's great Wide Receivers." DHB will get over 1,000 yards this season!

Denarius Moore will have a nice sophmore season!

Jacoby Ford was plagued by injuries last year he is effective in the Kick Return game & Should be a threat in the slot

Louis Murphy was slowed down with his sports hernia last season he has shown some flashes by making plays he is on the hot seat so he should be ready to work.

Rookie Juron Criner is doing what Denarius Moore did it OTA's last year & should be a big target for Carson Palmer all over the field. Juron Criner will be the Raiders possession wide receiver & be what Chaz Schilens was supposed to be but never was.

All of these WR's can beat man coverage so let's hope they stay focused & most have a injury free year

There are alot of Rookie wide receivers that will compete for the 53 man roster. Brandon carswell went to my high school & graduated in 06 & also went to my favorite college USC. He is a athlete he can play special teams if needed, & is a great run blocker at wide receiver. In High School he played QB/CB at USC he played WR only.

I will post some links of him playing in High School he is #1

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