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I've often wondered what the percentage of fans are here at S&BP, and I thought maybe others might be curious too. So I'm conducting a poll for all of us to span the Raider years with. We all have one thing in common, we're Raider fans. We also know that there are a lot of different opinions coming from a lot of different points of view. I sometimes think it could be just a different time experience.

For example, I might be overly optimistic and get upset when somebody is so negative, while at the same time, they might be not so optimistic, and think I'm nuts. Both of us are right, and both of us are wrong. It all depends on which era the fan comes from. All eras, or decade of new fans are actually perfectly balanced as`Raider fans. What I mean by that is, if you were a fan from 2003 to now, you should have my utmost respect because it hasn't been easy for you, and you don't have the SB experience to carry you through the tough times. On the other hand, if your a fan who began in the early 70's, you rode a wave of success, but then had your heart ripped out, LA move sad :(, but we added a bunch of awesome fans, and won another SB Happy:) and we have also had to endure a lot more heartbreak, with the newer fans.

So to better under stand each other, or the overall sentiment of S&BP, I thought this little poll might come in handy. Also, if you have a story about how you became a Raider fan, that would also be "cool" (uh, oh, 70's)



Davidson knocking Namaths block off (How are those pantyhose working out for dipshit)



Tatum knocking Sammy Whites block off ( Dam it! His heads still attached)



Millin knocking the Patriots GM block off ( My cop stash is not, out of style)



Lott getting ready to knock someones block off ( or reminiscing when he did)



Romanowski knocking Fred McCrary's block off (or teaching him a new dance?)

Present decade


Seymour knocking Caleb Hanie's block off (As nice as he can. Coach says no penalties!)

If you began you Raidership at the very end of a decade, you might want to go ahead and round it up to be more era correct. For example, for me, I started in the later sixties, but there was a super bowl, and Lamonica that sucked me in. Now if I started in 69, I would probably just say the 70's since it would be the Stabler years that I would relate mostly too. 79 probably 80's and the Plunkett years, 99 probably the 2000's and the Gruden years. Its just a suggestion, kind of like a rookie fan year option. The important thing is just vote - "Just win baby"

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