J-Man Previews the 2012 Oakland Raiders

A Few Things First

Num 1 I Have A New Writing Stile That I Learned From Orpation Sports

on to the Preview I Mean NO disrespect to u guys at all But I feel this will be a learning Year

The Raiders Are Entering a new chapter in their long and storied history That is riddled with q

QB Palmer Leinart Pryor - LY Palmer was up and Down inconstant Due to Inactity due to the lockout but in games LY He HAD too Many Turnovers I Just do not know if he fits in this West Coast Off Leinart Played Well LY but has not had a lot of time is only here Due to OC Knapp Pryor is Raw but is A Nice Developmental QB Grade 1-10 Scale 6

RB - FB D-Mac Goodson Jones FB Reese Schmitt Its all About D-Mac Health IF He can Play and Stay on the Field U Can Win The West IF Not no Shot Goodson is Better that u think Jones Is A 3RD-DOWN Back only

Reese Can Block Well Grade 9 IF D-Mac Is Healthy the whouile Year 6.5 If not

WR Bey Moore Ford Criner Murphy Not A Num 1 in the Bunch Allthrough Moore could be in time Bey Had a Nice Year LY But I Question whatter he could be a num 1 guy Moore could be a future star this time next year can leap and make the big play Ford Took a step Back LY but great speed Criner is a slot guy and Murphy has also taken a step back Grade 5.5 7.5 IF Moore makes the leap to great

TE Ausberry Gordon Myers Humphrey - Good at Blocking but Raw to me grade 4

O-LINE LT Veldheer LG Carlisle C Wisniewski RG Brisiel RT Barnes Key Backups Bergstorm Parsons Wang This Line to me seems RAW I think they will Run Block Good but can they pass pro that the q I like Veldheer and Wisniewski but the Guruds are just Guys And Barnes has lost a step and can Wisniewski make line calls grade 5

DE Houston Shaughnessy Tollefson Crawford DT Seymour Kelly Bryant Good Stranting 4 Seymour and Kelly are a good run stuffing duo Shaughnessy can rush the passer Tollefson is he a guy that does great for a Super bowl team and falls to step his game up or is he more grade 7

LB Wheeler McCain Curry Key Backups Burris Goethel This Is A mess Mccain is a ? mark Curry is a flash player meaning up/down Wheeler is just a guy grade 3

CB Bartell Spencer Van Dyke Chekwa MCCANN can Bartell stay on the field the Raiders CB gave up a lot of plays LY can Spencer step his game up can Van dyke and Chekwa push the starters we will see Grade 3.5

S Branch Huff mitchell Giordano Branch can make a lot of plays but that can be a bad thing unless its Sacks or Tackles behind the line Huff seems him and miss Mitchell too Giordand its a ST Player Grade 6

ST K/P Sea-Bass Lechler = 10 They both are near the top in the NFL

Bottom Line This will be a Growing pains year Paimer seems to Turn It Over More than A 1-Round pick should Will D-Mac Stay Healthy how will the WR adjust Can the Raiders get the 1-4 Taste at the end of LY out of their mouth Best Case 8-8 Worst Case 3-13 my Say 4-12

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