Jack's 1st Preseason game thoughts

And that's all it was gentlemen. Preseason. Vanilla plays, guys getting into game mode. Some good things to take out of

the game some bad. We have 3 more preseason games to work on some things and take a look at what's working.

Lets look at the good first.


Palmer threw one INT, however, the rest of his 5 throws were spot on and had some good zip on them. Too bad Ford decided to drop two key throws.

Mcfadden looked amazing. Glad he didn't get injured either.

Streater was the star of the game. Catching everything but one pass and making a great case to be the #3 WR ahead of Ford.

The 1st team OL was above average. Wis is great, and the tackles played well. Overall a strong debut, and Palmer should be happy.

Terrel Pryor turned in a good performance. It wasn't great, and at times it was ugly. He showed very good awareness, but the trouble was that whenever he sensed that slight pressure he just went to run the ball. WHich he shouldn't do. Later in the game, he stayed in the pocket more, and used his athleticism to escape a couple sacks, and at times use his legs to make good plays, and also he went more pass first. I saw him make his reads a couple times, and thats something I want him to do. Made some good throws, some bad ones. He still needs work, but I like what I saw from him with a below average OL play.

Lonyae Miller showed he can be a good backup player. He won't be Michael Bush, but I think he can be that change of pace back we are looking for given time.


Front 4 was getting pressure, and was solid against the run. This was without Seymour too. Houston was getting in on the pressure as well, and both Shaugnessy and Kelly made strong debuts for preseason.

As for the LBs, our starting group is looking strong. Burris and McClain were everywhere, getting in on tackles, and making plays. Being ridiculed last year, it was great to see that McClain especially had a strong performance, being in on that first run from Felix Jones, and he was about to kill Felix Jones on a screen pass after getting past a block. Burris was around the ball a lot, but wasn;t asked to blitz much. Mostly he was in coverage, and he was decent at it. Phillip Wheeler showed some good pop during one running play, and he displayed some good vision and edge setting. I think we'll be fine without Curry. Geothal looks like a good backup too. Was overall pretty good here.

The secondary was alright. If Bartell and Spencer were both playing, than I haven't heard their names called that much. Which is a good thing. Mitchell snagged himself an INT, and showed some good blitzing skills. Chekwa also did pretty well in coverage, but nothing worth noting.

Now onto the bad parts...

We don't have very good depth at OL. Though I will say that it seems like our interior line is fine, the outside leaves some depth to be desired. I like Bergstrom, and what he showed too.

Ford had a horrible game. Muffed a punt, and dropped two passes.

Criner was alright. Had one catch, but was ultimately not making any sort of difference out there like most expected.

Coming off a solid camp, DVD did not seem prepared for today. He was getting beat in crossing routes, and seemed hesitant/late going to the WR to make a play. Seemed stiff.

This is why I love preseason. I like having 4 games. Plenty of time to correct mistakes, and get into a good rhythm of the game. This is a time to make mistakes, and correct them. This is a time to get in a rhythm, see what works, and what doesn't. Overall I liked our performance, though the scoreboard said otherwise. I liked the snippets I got out of it, and I feel satisfied seeing some of the positive things I got out of it. The next game is this Friday, and I expect some more evaluations to commence from DA. With 4 preseason games, DA should confidently know who are the best players to use come week 1 of the regular season.

And when that time comes, we will field the best team we evaluated through 4 weeks of game-like practices.

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