What area do you think we need to target in the 1st Round 2013

I love football. I follow college football almost as much as I follow the NFL. Mainly Mountain West and Pac, and big national games.. I tend to follow some of the projected future high first round picks

Lets look around our roster and see were we have current young players we hope develop or are playing at a high level and are young or in their prime.. (producers in CAPS, prospects in lower case)

QB: pryor - He is a prospect at this time, so I feel we don't need to give up on him, instead help help him

RB: MCFADDEN, goodsen, jones - McFadden will blossom


WR: MOORE, HEYWARD BEY, FORD, criner, streeter- I like our young core

OL: VALDHEER, bergstorm, WIZ, BRISEL(isn't old for a lineman), barksdale


DT: cristo, BRYANT, hamiton

LB: burris, curry, McClain, Wheeler

CB: dvd, chekwa

S: Branch, Huff, henry

I predict DVD or Chewa will hold down the number 2 corner spot, as well as Bartell become a player. I also expect big years from McFadden and McClain.. I feel we have enough beef to shore up the interior run with our rookies and vets. I feel our passing game is going to be something to be reckon with. With have prospects and young players around our offensive line...

A secondary is only as good as it's pass rush. While I think we will generate some pass rush I would like to be dominant in the area. A stud young DT would be nice, but I would prefer AN elite edge RUSHER. I really not that high on our tight ends. Gordon is a blocker and a fringe pass catcher. He isn't going to scare a defense. Ausberry has the potential but unlike many people I hear about he hasn't seem to impress. I would expect him to take the job from Myers. Myers I feel is more of a back up tight end. Good blocker, can make a catch but not a game breaker. Curry might not be back either.

With that being said I feel in the 1 st round we will target a TE or an edge pass rusher

Guys to look at

TE: Honestly this class doesn't look the best(wish we would of kept Zach Miller).. Who knows

Gavin Escobar SD STATE

Tyler Eifert Notre Dame

Joseph Fauria UCLA

Jordan Reed Florida

Zach Ertz Stanford

Edge Rushers: Looks Loaded

Dion Jordan Oregon

James Gayle Virginia Tech

Bjoern Werner Florida State

Wes Horton USC

Alex Ofafor Texas

Margus Hunt SMU

Jackson Jeffcoat Texas


Jelani Jenkins Florida

CJ Mosely Alabama

Bark Mingo LSU

Johnny Brown Illnois

Brandon Jenkins Florida State

Sean Porter Texas AM

Jarvis Jones Georgia

Gerald Hodges Penn State

Dion Bailey USC

Hayes Pullard USC

Nico Johnson Bama

Manti Teo Notre Dame

Of course guys will emerge this year.. But some of these guys should be interesting to keep an eye on. Mingo or Jarvis Jones would be so great for this team!

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