Is Greg Knapp really to be targeted here?

I want you guys to know the difference between execution, and playcalling.

First let me bring up Bresnahan. Defensively, aside from our front 4, we were not that great executing. HOWEVER, Bres does not gameplan very well, and cannot work on the fly. He also cannot give player's assignments they excel at. Now back to Knapp.

I keep hearing how bad Knapp is. I can't remember what he was like last time in Oakland, but I hear he was pretty bad. Though I want to be fair here. In Oakland, we didn't really have anyone on offense right? Also, who did Atlanta have on offense when he was there, besides Vick (who only had one great year)? How about Seattle?

Many of us feel the need to blame Knapp simply because we can't find the means to put the blame on our own players. Lets look at our 2nd preseason game for instance.

As many of you know, I encountered a ton of Knapp hate during the threads. Let me tell you why Knapp's playcalling, being that it was a preseason game, fine. Let me me ask you some questions.

1) Is it Knapp's fault that Carson Palmer threw the INT?

2) Is it Knapp's fault Goodson fumbled THREE TIMES?

3) Is it Knapp's fault that Miller, other than the 4th, and last, time we were in the redzone, could not run two yards to get us a TD? Remember, you have a BIG RB, and its like 2 yards from the endzone. Are you going to blame Knapp for Miller not getting in?

4) Is it Knapp's fault that both DHB and Streeter dropped TD passes?

5) Is it Knapp's fault that the OL, without Wiz, in the redzone offered Palmer about TWO SECONDS to throw the ball?

There were so much bad execution that factored into our loss mentioned above. With Knapp's playcalling, When our players actually EXECUTED, brought us into the redzone FOUR TIMES. I seen short routes, and some deep routes too. Remember, this is a west coast offense. The short passes are SUPPOSED to open up the DEEP passes. When you take a look at those 3rd downs, I want you to see what happens. Look at the OL, look to see if the WR the QB threw to was covered or not. Look to see if the QB had to check it down. Unfortunately, we cannot see the entire field, but wer are so quick to put ALL the blame on Knapp, REGARDLESS if it was actually a player's fault here.

Let me tell you about bad playcalling. His name is Brian Shottenheimer. Probably the worst OC ever. All he called were slant routes, weird end arounds, and a few deep plays here and there. I remember him calling a deep play on 3rd and 1. Have no idea why.

Can't we all just cut Knapp some slack? It's preseason. Playcalling is normally vanilla during preseason, and the players were able to execute his play calls enough to get into the redzone 4 times. Remember, we had redzone issues last season, and I believe they are still present here. Don't blame Knapp for issues that carried over from last season. Hell, don't blame Knapp when our offense had those 5 problems I listed above in general (heck you can add run blocking to that list). KNapp's playcalling was good enough for the players to drive into the redzone, so I think the player's execution is moreso inconsistent than the playcallig itself.

But that's what preseason is for. To correct those. So people, don't jump ship. Don't shift blame for someone that des not deserve it. We are still trying to get into a groove, in a new system, so it will take time.

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