Oakland Raiders: The 13th Best Uniform In Professional Sports

Ever been in a crowded place and you are able to spot a Raiders jersey from across the room? Ever glance at the TV and you see highlights of the silver and black and your automatically drawn in? Well your not the only one. The Raiders have been one of the most historic and proud franchises in sports history and so are their jerseys and logo. We know there are Raider fans and haters all across the globe, and now we know how well they respect the uniforms at least.

ESPN has released "Uni Watch", a power ranking which ranks professional sports 122 uniforms in order of which they think are the best in sports history. When I think of which historic uniforms are most recognizable I think of the Yankees, Lakers, Raiders, Steelers, Bears, Dodgers and the Bulls. Mostly because we associate them with winning, but when it comes to ranking them in order of 1-122 it becomes quite interesting.

ESPN have the Montreal Canadians with the best uniform in sports (its ok I dont get it either. I couldnt even tell you what their uniform looks like). Aside from that blunder I enjoyed the rest of the list. They have the Raiders ranked #13 and here is what they had to say about us

Here is the list 1-122

Just suit up, baby. Silver and black look just as good today as they did when Al Davis came up with them. There's probably some marketer out there who wants the team to dress up like the fans in the Black Hole (and hey, that actually could be fun as a one-off thing), but you don't mess with something this elemental. Also: The Raiders are among the few NFL teams that wisely have declined to adopt the new Nike collar format.

I would have to agree with this assessment. They have been one of the few uniforms that have not seen a makeover since its inception and I am glad Nike didn't mess with them either. Those new Nike collars are ugly and we avoided that hideous look.

The original history and look of the uniforms for those of us who were not old enough to know about them

The original Raiders uniforms were black and gold, while the helmets were black with a white stripe and no logo. The team wore this design from 1960–62.[42] When Al Davis became head coach and general manager in 1963, he changed the team's color scheme to silver and black, and added a logo to the helmet.[43] This logo is a shield that consists of the word "Raiders" at the top, crossed swords, and the head of a Raider wearing a football helmet. Over the years, it has undergone minor color modifications (such as changing the background from silver to black in 1964), but it has essentially remained the same.

The Raiders' current silver and black uniform design has essentially remained the same since it debuted in 1963. It consists of silver helmets, silver pants, and either black or white jerseys. The black jerseys have silver numbers, while the white jerseys have black numbers with silver outline. Originally, the white jerseys had silver numbers with a thick black outline, but they were changed to black with a silver outline for the 1964 season. In 1970, the team used silver numerals for the season. However, in 1971 the team again displayed black numerals and have stayed that way ever since (with the exception of the 1994 season as part of the NFL's 75th Anniversary where they donned the 1963 helmets with the 1970 silver away numbers).

The Raiders wore their white jerseys at home for the first time in their history on September 28, 2008 against the San Diego Chargers. The decision was made by Lane Kiffin, who was coaching his final game for the Raiders, and was purportedly due to intense heat.[44] The high temperature in Oakland that day was 78 degrees.



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