I am not new to this site but new to posting here, I am on many Raider sites and only post on one this makes 2.. Now I am not boasting but I want to let folks know a little about myself, I have had the good fortune of spending 7 years working with (not for) the Raiders in an outside capacity, I worked with Coaching staff, and Director of the Riaderetts I have also worked with AFL teams in the same capacity, I say this so folks know I am not just an arm chair fan, I have been around football and football people for many years. This is a great time to be a Raider fan and I say that with a heavy heart because getting to meet Mr. Davis and his family and becoming friends with Carol (his wife) Mr. Davis will be missed, a great man who did great things and still to the day he died could evaluate and find talent to bring to the team whether it be in coaching ranks or in the college Al Davis could see talent. Now this team is making great strides at at very fast pace and I'm not sure that even some of the media understand the turn around and the quality of what is happeneing and I for one am overly excited for the up coming season to see what we can get done.. The point to my post is this, I read post on this site and I wonder what are people looking at and what the hell are they thinking.. Now all this fuss about DHB and statements made by someone named TERRLL RANDALL?? Now I do not need to explain that when somebody like Reggie McKenzie comes in and cleans house and guts "out of whack contracts" non productive players, over payed non impact players do not make the cuts as we can plainly see. Now to say DHB is not a true reciever is an ignorant and uneducated statement to say the least and this is how I will prove it, I will give a list of players that are considered TRUE RECIEVERS in the NFL that DHB out produced on the field.

Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR OAK 64 115 975 15.2 4 58 14 65.0 1 282 44
21 Percy Harvin, WR MIN 87 123 967 11.1 6 52 14 60.4 2 537 45
22 Brandon Lloyd, WR DEN/STL 70 150 966 13.8 5 44 15 64.4 1 148 46
23 DeSean Jackson, WR PHI 58 104 961 16.6 4 62 15 64.1 0 247 39
24 Reggie Wayne, WR IND 75 131 960 12.8 4 56 12 60.0 0 276 50
25 Julio Jones, WR ATL 54 96 959 17.8 8 80 16 73.8 1 415 34
26 Greg Jennings, WR GB 67 101 949 14.2 9 79 13 73.0 0 309 43
27 Jabar Gaffney, WR WSH 68 115 947 13.9 5 45 14 59.2 1 184 50
Pierre Garcon, WR IND 70 134 947 13.5 6 87 9 59.2 2 360 42
29 Jason Witten, TE DAL 79 117 942 11.9 5 64 15 58.9 1 358 47
30 Dez Bryant, WR DAL 63 103 928

Percy Harvin

Brandon Llyod

Desean Jackson

Reggie Wayne

Pierre Garson

Julio Jones

Micheal CrabTree

Jeremy Maclin

Anquan Boldin

And TE's

Jason Witten

Aaron Hernandez

Tony Gonzales

Dustin Keller

Now some of these reciever scored more TD's and some less but the facts are this, DHB is one of the hardest working, young RECIEVERS in the NFL and this is not an OPIONION but a FACT. Now when Reggie McKenzie keeps you and the coach publically says "We've got enough good football players that we can spread the ball around. We're not concerned with who catches 75 or 100 balls. I'm concerned about how well he's blocking on the running plays, I'm concerned about how well he's running routes and I'm concerned about his mindset going into the season. So far I've been pleased." then I would tend to believe them then someone the appearently could not spot a true WIDE RECIEVER if he saw one. This is just my opinion on how completely full of sh!t some Raider fans are.


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