Player Spotlight: Terrelle Pryor

There has been a lot of heated debate about Terrelle Pryor and his future as an Oakland Raider. I figured because of him being a hot issue currently with some people seriously craving some TP news that it would be a good time to feature him in my Player Spotlight series.

Before talking about TP's future I think it is important to talk about his past. His college discrepancies mean nothing to me now. He had reasons for his mistakes, some people accept them and some do not. That is fine and dandy but has no baring on his NFL career anymore.

The talk of what Hue did and did not do as a head coach is for a different day, if at all. I am talking specifically about what he did not do as Terrelle Pryor's head coach. I understand that he had the whole team to consider and there were more important things than a raw rookie 3rd round supplemental pick for him to deal with, but then delegate that work to somebody else.You don't just let TP stand off to the side not understanding the system or what is going on around him.

Pryor was so lost he actually considered quitting football altogether. After TP served his suspension he came back to the Raiders and was a completely forgotten man. In essence his entire rookie season was a waste because of that. As far as I am concerned THIS is his rookie year. I don't think I ever saw a rookie year that was more wasted than TP's was last year. We had a chance to teach our 2012 3rd round pick for an entire year early and managed to not take any advantage in that.

I honestly do not think that TP is ever going to be an elite passer. However, I also adamantly claimed Cam Newton was not going to be able to translate his game into the NFL. I am not comparing their skills, but I am comparing the way I thought of them coming out of college. If I could be so wrong about Cam Newton, I could be very wrong about TP.

The main difference is that I never thought that TP was a very good college QB, where Cam was undoubtedly a very talented college QB. I thought TP was a product of a good team and I thought Auburn was a product of Cam. I have a natural hatred for all things OSU being a WI Badger fan though so my thoughts on TP's college career are definitely tainted with bias.

There is my opinion on his past and now here is my opinion on his future. We just do not know what he is going to bring to the table. I am not willing to write him off as a lost cause at QB. I do believe if he bought into playing a different position that he could succeed with his athletic ability, but I do not want to waste a chance at a talented QB because we don't have the patience. Right now he is not ready to play from what I have heard, but maybe he will prove that to be wrong when he finally gets some preseason game action.

I will say this, I have never seen so much hoopla over a single false start. One false start and he was deemed not worthy of ever seeing the field again as a QB. Now, I will use that false start to say slow down to avid TP supporters, but I do not think that it was a sign that he will never be able to play QB. In Aaron Rodgers' first real game action he came in and broke his foot. Everybody thought "GREAT! The Packers wasted their first round pick on a QB who can't throw and is injury prone." If the Packers had rushed to that judgement like their fans had where would they be right now?

There has not been much to write home about for Pryor in practice. He had one day that ranged from "OK" to "Very Good". Right now he is going through so much personal stuff with his Father and Mentor both passing away within weeks of each other that it is hard to imagine anybody practicing very well. I am not there so I do not have my own opinion on how well he did. I want to see what he does in a game vs an opposing defense. Even if he doesn't excite this preseason what I really want to see is next preseason. I consider this to be his rookie year and I am very curious to see if he makes a jump between now and next season.

If he does not improve drastically then hopefully he opens up his mind to a different position because his athletic intangibles are not being used while he sits on the bench. If he does develop then good, we have a guy that will be ready when Carson hangs up his cleats or we have a guy with good trade value. Either way that is a win win for me. For right now its much ado about nothing, maybe one day he will have proven worthy of the attention.

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