Jack's top 5 players to watch against Dallas

Ah preseason. Some love it, some hate it. I'm in the love it department.

I don't want preseason to get dumbed own to 3 or 2 games. I like to watch the backups, and see what their talents are. What they can do. Preseason is a time for evaluation and evaluating a player, or even scheme, is something I enjoy doing. What are some players I'll be looking at?

Jack Crawford

Ever since Jack started camp, he has been doing very well against our OL (which is actually above average). Admittingly, I am not very big into tweet following. Don't know why, but it hasn't appealed to me yet. But from what little I hear, he can be out top rotational DL. I'm very interested to see what he can do vs. Dallas.

Miles Burris

There is no secret on this board that I have a big mancrush on Miles Burris, and he hasn't even started a game. I have been following Burris since he was considered a 7th round draft pick (later he was moved up to a 5th round pick projection). Watching the footage, he looked to have above average vision, change of direction, and knows how to maneuver around the front seven to make the plays. And I hate using this word, but Burris also has a very high motor. But this was what I got from watching college film. Burris will probably start vs. Dallas, and I'm excited to see my boy in action. And in needing good LBs, its important for Burris to step in and be a playmaker.

Juron Criner

He is said to be the steal of the draft by our community. I really liked Criner going into the draft. He displayed very good body control, and solid hands, so I was surprised he made it all the way into the 5th round. He has a lot of potential, and could even push DHB for the starting job. But preseason is a funny thing.

Mike Goodson

I'm not going to include just rookies here. Its no secret that McFadden is on the injury watch along with Ford and Moore. There is no telling if McFadden will play for a full 16 games, and if he gets injured there eis no telling how long he will be out. Goodson has been doing well so far in camp, and if McFadden goes down, he is the likely candidate to replace him. Even if McFadden is not injured, i'm sure Goodson will do well as the 2nd punch to our rushing attack. He did well in his time in Carolina too.

Rolando McClain

Despite good stats last year, McClain found himself out of position and lack awareness on the run last year. His greatest asset last year was his pass defense, and so far he is doing well vs. the pass in camp. Not only that, but he looks much improved judging from camp. I am one of the believers that McClain had a sophmore slump last season. His first preseason game will be very important for him, and the fans in learning where he is at.

Some side players to watch out for.

Terrel Pryor- I'm sure many of us are looking to see where he is at so far. Judging from camp, it may not be pretty.

Palmer- He had an up and down camp so far. he is our starting QB, and I am honestly slightly concerned.

Shaugnessy- Where is he at since his season ending injury?

Lamaar Houston- All I heard was Jack Crawford's name. Last time he faced Dallas he had two sacks didn't he? His chance to keep that starting spot.

Stupar- Is he as good as camp says he is?

Streater- One of many WRs making a name for himself. Certainly the most successful so far from what little I hear.

Ausberry- Where the hell is he at? Can he start? Finally?

DVD- Did he emerge as a shutdwn corner?

Mike Brisiel- He may start for us. Our OL is important won't you say?

There are many to look out for. Preseason game #1 is just around the corner. Who will you watch out for?

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