Over/Under: Part II - McFadden, Moore, Reece

The excitement mounts with every good camp showing by our young receivers, every shred of praise directed to Carson Palmer, and every soundbite by a veteran player applauding the new multiples defensive package. No doubt about it, this is going to be a fantastic year for Raiders football and I love our chances in the AFC West.

Each week, I'll choose three Raiders players and set an Over/Under line for a couple of his vital position statistics and I want you to predict whether they will beat that line or fall short. Weigh in on some or all of them in the comments section and let the debate begin. If at all possible, please provide an explanation for your opinion...and yes, "just a gut feeling" works.

We have already covered:

Carson Palmer

Darrius Heyward-Bey

David Ausberry

If you haven't weighed in on these three gents, or maybe you'd like to revise a submission based on some camp news (like how Myers will start at TE, not Ausberry who's buried at #3 on the chart), please feel free to go back and edit.

Note: I noticed that last week, some folks were not sure how to submit their predictions because I had listed multiple Over/Under lines for each player. I'll keep it simple this time and make it easier on you to throw in your two American cents by keeping it at one stat line per player.

Will Darren McFadden rush for Over or Under 1,200 yards?

Darren McFadden reached 1,157 yards in 2010 in 13 games played. Do you think Darren is primed and ready for a career year for the Raiders, or do you think his year will be marred by more injuries that won't allow him to his this mark? Maybe you think that Dennis Allen will reduce his role in an attempt to keep him fresh for the playoffs. Or maybe still, you could surmise that Darren will be asked to run less and receive more.

Will Denarius Moore score Over or Under 8.5 total touchdowns (rushing+receiving+returns)?

Last year, Denarius came out of nowhere to catch five touchdown passes as an unheralded rookie. He seemed to really click with Carson Palmer, with whom he has had more time to get into sync with during a full off season. To make the jump from five touchdowns to eight might seem easily accomplishable given that fact, but also consider the added competition for targets this year from Criner, Streater, and maybe even McGee. We also have no idea what our run/pass ratio will pan out to be.

Will Marcel Reece gain Over or Under 650 All-Purpose (rushing+receiving) yards?

Marcel Reece is still working hard to prove that he is worthy of a big pay check. I expect him to be hungry and focused in 2012 and to build upon his Pro Bowl (alternate) season. For the last two seasons, Marcel has logged 455 and 413 total yards, respectively, so a 200 yard jump would demand an expanded role in the offense. Does the West Coast offense bring with it promise of a significant increase in the number of targets for Reece? Or does the availability of other pass-catching options relegate him to a similar level of production as the past two years?

Thanks for your submissions and I look forward to arguing with you about your answers.

- Frankles

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