Chargers @ Raiders: Positives and Negatives



  • Carson Palmer 32/46, 297 yards, 1 TD (94.2 Rating)
  • Rod Streater gets his first NFL Touchdown & Crucial 2pt. conversion
  • Derek Hagan 4 Receptions for 44 yards, Averaging 11 yards a play
  • Brandon Myers 5 Receptions for 61 yards, Averaging 12 yards a Play
  • Defense allowed only 32 yards rushing (1.3) avg, Also gave up only 1 TD which amazes me still because they were given terrible field position multiple times. 1/5 RZ attempts for San deigo thanks to that Raider Defense
  • Miles Burris, 9 Total Tackles with 7 solo and 2 for loses.
  • Phillip Wheeler, 8 Total Tackles with 4 solo, 1 pass deflected
  • Dennis Allen Ripping Keenan Clayton


  • Penalties 6-35 yards, most of them were mental mistakes
  • Rivers only sacked once (with a rookie tackle playing) only hit 3 times (Hurries)
  • Offensive line gives up 3 sacks, Kalif Barnes was 2 of them, Also couldn't establish the running game, 15 for 32 yards (2.1 yard average)
  • Taiwan Jones, fumbles kickoff and fumbles on reverse.
  • Darrius Heyward Bey, Doubled all game but still wasn't effective as a 975 yard WR should be
  • Special Teams, Travis Goethel is a LB and he is the only one that stepped up, he tried his best but he isn't a LS, and seriously it was a big blow to losing condo. As a whole Special Teams was a failure, nothing good but Janokowski & Lechler, everyone else was terrible. Phillip Adams fair catches at the 6 yard (SMH). Blocked punt, and failed snaps
  • Zero turnovers for defense
  • Utilization of Mcfadden, Less used at running and more used at passing, only had 15 carries with being targeted 18 times which is more then any of our WR's
  • Produced 321 yards on offense and only 1 touchdown
  • Tommy Kelly and his offsides, both offsides were also on 3rd down keeping San Diego on the field
  • Keenan Clayton, with a stupid penalty
  • Knapps play calling, This pissed me off during the game, we are 3rd and short or even 2nd and short and you line up in a shotgun formation knowing we have a tough O-line and pass? We have the most explosive RB in the game and you line him back up by 5 yards when all you need is like 3, Knapp is using Dmac as a WR, but he is a RB, don't try to mismatch him on the outside, let him run right through like he is used to.

What To Expect Against Dolphins

Hopefully we learn from this, its one game, it hurts and it is a division game. But we have a better Defense then last year and i loved how they stood their own. Losing Ford, Moore took a blow on our offense, we didn't have a go to man in this game because the chargers seen no threat but Mcfadden. Having either one of them back could get this offense moving in the right direction. This was no fluke, SD beat us but i feel that the Raiders beat themselves even more. I expect coach Allen to do some serious work before this next game, maybe Reggie might be looking for new replacements as you read this, who knows right? These penalties have to stop, the mental penalties like false starts and offsides and personal fouls. I expect us be better in the next game, more polished on the Special teams for sure and as well as the offense. Next game up boys and the fins are next, put this game behind and wait until week 17 because im sure that will be the game deciding who takes the West or playoff wildcard spot.

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