Return of the Grim Reaper

I sense something... a presence I have not felt since....

2 damn years ago.

You may remember the Grim Reaper appearing after games, don't you? (No, I don't "THINK" he was Tom Cable).

We went 5-11, had a QB addicted to Cough Syrup and just traded for Seymour. We didn't have much hope then.

I hate to say it but...

things haven't changed all that much in year 2012.

For the past 2 years, we progressed with Hue Jackson. The running game improved, we drafted better Receivers and we even had more wins as a team for more then 8 years. Fast Forward to last year; RIP AL, We had a few injuries, but still progressed with the running game and our blocking. We also had a better QB percentage and even had somewhat of a pass rush presenting itself.

Move the Calendar forward to now?

What the F@$%k just happened??!?!

WE HAVE NO RUNNING GAME WITH DARREN McFADDEN!?!??!?! WHAT THE BLOODY HELL!?! Don't people know he's on a billion Fantasy teams?????

Like I mentioned in past blogs: Zone blocking might not be the way to go if your the Oakland Raiders. If 5 Linemen were supposed to make the transition easily, only two were capable of making the damn jump. Cooper Carlisle and Mike Brisiel were the only two with decent past experience, so I m not sure what all the Coaches were thinking at the beginning of the year when they made the decision to change the blocking scheme. That power blocking implementation was successful in the why did we drop it? For Sith's sake, we ranked 10th in Offense last year!

Sure, I knew Greg Knapp was going to change things around a bit..but he should of recognized what we were truly good at.

I'm not saying we can't punch to get out of this, but as of week 2? This is the MAIN problem the infamous Lord of the Sith is seeing. Fine, in this Offense, Carson will get his mini shine on and average decent yards (373 yards, 1 TD).. but without a successful 3rd down conversion rate (1/12) and win factor? It doesn't mean sh#t from shamrocks.

Special Teams? Why bother even mentioning? They sucked in Pre-Season.. they suck now.

Defense? You have to be kidding me. Brian Hartline for 111 yards receiving? Was he really THAT unstoppable? Did Miami have a secret Pro Bowler we didn't know about? Or were we not prepared again in the land of Corner coverage? Pat Lee, that was embarrassing. I know you're a backup, but this is the NFL. Yeah..Regge Bush for 172 yards? The more things change...

Someone just stick a Saber in my dark heart.

From the summary on

The Raiders didn't start a possession beyond their 20 until late in the third quarter, when Phillip Adams returned a punt 47 yards to give them the ball at the Miami 25. The Dolphins again dug in and forced a field goal.

"Obviously we didn't score enough points, and that's unacceptable," Palmer said. "I put that on my shoulders. It's my job to find ways to get us into the end zone. I didn't do a good enough job today."

Carson Palmer threw for 373 yards, but theRaiders were plagued by poor field position and managed only one touchdown - when backup running back Mike Goodson took a swing pass and turned it into a 64-yard score.

Darren McFadden was held to 22 yards rushing and 19 receiving. The Raiders were only 1 for 12 on third-down conversions, and they had no takeaways.

"We haven't helped our offense out with field position," Allen said. "We need to take the ball away and create short fields. We can't go 80 yards on every drive."

To read the entire summary, Click Here.

Nation, I'm not sure what to tell you. The season looks like it's going to be a long one if we don't get the running game, the D AND special teams fixed quickly. We were beaten by a Rookie QB and a team that will not be an elite squad for quite a while.

This week, we'll have excuses, have injury reports and possibly new methods of attack. I simply hope we have enough fight in us to battle the hated Steelers next Sunday. 0-3 will not sit well with anyone..
especially Darth Raider.

To better times,


PS: Congratulations again to Mr Gorilla Rilla and his lovely wife, Marilyn. It was a hot Wedding, but an original one that no other Fan base could ever replicate in this Lifetime.

It was a please seeing super fans: Violator, Senor Raider, Skull Lady, Blitz Chick, Shield Head, Jester Raider and my main man, Crusader Raider at this special event. Much love to you all.

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