Raiders week two Ballers & Busters

Oakland Raiders tight end Brandon Myers (83) is tackled by Miami Dolphins middle linebacker Karlos Dansby (58) in the fourth quarter

This was an ugly one. For some reason, the Raiders just can't beat the Dolphins. They have particular trouble in Miami but it's just an overall block that has lasted over a decade. This meeting and the last were blowouts too. No hard fought contests here. Just old fashioned butt whoopin', plain and simple.

Some like to point to the heat and humidity in Miami and the Raiders having to wear their black uniforms in it. Others point to the East coast trip with which West coast teams typically have a disadvantage. There may very well have been both of those factors at play in this game. One thing was for certain, the Raider flat ran out of gas by the fourth quarter.

The game was still in reach at at the beginning of the fourth. It was 13-21 which is just a one score difference. Then the Dolphins scored touchdowns on their next two possessions and literally ran away with it.

There was so much blame to go around, it was hard to find anyone who deserved any credit. Some writers might even just stamp the Buster label on the whole team and move on. Perhaps out of laziness or disappointment. But that wouldn't be fair. Sure, it means my night is longer but so be it.

Here are those who deserve a pat on the back and those who deserve a kick in the ass.


Brandon Myers

He was the Raiders leading receiver which is a refreshing change after week one when it was a running back who took home the "honor". Although Myers did have the longest reception last week (23 yards). He caught six passes and most of them saw him as a wide open target for Carson Palmer. He finished with 86 yards receiving on the day with his longest going for 21 yards.

Mike Goodson

In an offense which features Darren McFadden as much as this one, Goodson gets very limited touches. He saw the ball four times in this game and one of those touches was a big one. McFadden left the game for a play after being poked in the eye and Goodson entered to spell him. They called his number and he came out of the backfield, caught a pass five yards behind the line of scrimmage and raced 64 yards for the touchdown. McFadden, SchmcFadden.

Honorable Mention

Darrius Heyward-Bey

He caught four passes for 41 yards including pulling down a high pass from Palmer for a 19 yard gain. Where he earned a mention here was the block he laid downfield to help spring Goodson for his 64 yard touchdown.

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