Dennis Allen Needs Our Patience During Rebuilding Process

Well I can't lie guys, I am about as down as anybody about the way this team has looked. Deficiencies at every position, moving the ball here and there but not getting touchdowns, getting embarrassed by the Dolphins again, Reggie Bush looking like he was back at USC against our run D. Reggie Bush annihilating our run D hurt the most because that part of our defense had appeared to be better against lesser competition. All of it was bad, very very bad. The promise of this season already feels like a distant memory.

Now it is only two games in but 0-2 feels like 0-10 right now. They could come back, there is still 14 games to watch. Hopefully it wont continue to be a horror show, or even worse become a straight up comedy. Right now its Friday the 13th, but if we continue to play so horribly it could become Dale and Tucker VS Evil (If you haven't seen it then watch it, its a hilarious horror spoof). I would love to see us start playing well, but that seems like a pipe dream at this point. A crack pipe dream even, but as I said I am about as down as can be right now.

No matter what happens this year we need to unite behind Dennis Allen. I will tell you why after the Jump.

Starting over year after year is exactly what has kept us in dire straights and giving up on another first year head coach just is not the answer. Yes it does seem he is intent on playing a scheme that does not fit the players we have, but that does not mean the scheme can not work. We just need to develop the team to fit the scheme. Instead of playing to the players strengths as Hue Jackson did we are going to have to go into a full on rebuilding process to make this work, but eventually it will.

We need consistency and this is the direction we have decided on. We can not give up on it right away simply because it does not work out the gate. We are going to need to revamp this team to fit Dennis Allen because we can not go through this process of a new coach year in and year out. Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen are going to have to work together to fix these problems and it is going to need to be an all out rebuilding process. Hue warned us when he left that we were going to blow it all up and it appears for our team to be successful we are going to have to prove him correct.

I feel like we need to remind people that Hue Jackson and Reggie McKenzie could not co exist. Hue Jackson was not going to give up the power that he had received after Al's death, and we all know that his power did go to Hue's head. I know that we haven't been successful out of the gate and that its hard to remember how Hue ended the season because his team looked so much better. We lost 4 out of the last 5 games and we only missed the playoffs by 1 measly game.

That was worse to me than losing throughout the season honestly. He had the team at the cusp of the playoffs and then he broke down. What was worse than that though is that he did not take the responsibility for the collapse. If he had taken the responsibility then maybe the Raiders would have been more willing to work with him. He blamed the team instead and he continued to announce his intentions of gaining even more power in the organization. He acted as though it was just the team that failed and not him.

In response to that press conference Mark Davis decided to go in another direction. That new direction was Reggie McKenzie and it was up to him if he wanted to continue a relationship with Hue. Reggie McKenzie is a calculated man and came in wanting people that were on the same page as him. Hue was not. They had different ideas about how this team should be run and it would have been a clash of the Titans for them to work together. Reggie did not come in blindly shooting down Hue, he knew him from the past and simply did not want him as his head coach. When the Raiders hired Reggie they accepted that Hue was not going to be able to stay around.

Yes it is disheartening to see the offense go from what Hue was able to do with it to what it is today. Anybody with eyes can see the difference. Hue ran a titillatingly high octane offense that was aggressive and fun to watch. This new offense is definitely not that anymore. I don't know if Allen will keep Knapp for his entire tenure with this team, but if the lack of points being scored continues I would have to doubt it. They are going to need a scape goat if that is the case and it will be Knapp in my opinion. The fans will need somebody's head for this season if it's this awful all the way through and the Raiders can not let that person be Allen.

We all want action. We all want immediate wins and to finally be out of this drama filled existence. We all want to finally have another winning season which has been missing since 2002. It could still be this year since there is a lot of it left, but it would be pretty naive to think that was likely. The fact of the matter is we seemed to have started a process, and no amount of heads being collected is going to change that. Specifically Dennis Allen's head is not going to change where we are as a franchise. We need to have stability at the head coach above all else, and we chose Allen. He is going to need to be given the time to make this team into one that runs his system well.

We need consistency and patience right now, unfortunately this entire fan base has used up all of their patience over the past decade. What is even more unfortunate is that it just isn't going to matter if the fan base is upset. The Raiders need to keep Allen and give this team a chance to right itself. It looks right now like we are in for a long season, but hopefully after even more turnover on the roster we will finally have climbed out of this hole. Hopefully this is all doom and gloom about an ugly early entrance that we can all laugh at later, but lets not lie to ourselves about the likeliness of that. This is going to be a longer process than any of us wanted, but it is one that we really need to see play out.

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