I have been off for awhile but I am back now

...although many of you may not remember me because I didn't post too much.

Watching the Raiders this season was stressful, but expected. The 2012 offseason was overhaul time. Every single corner on the roster last season was not on the team this year (except Chekwa, who was a waive in the preseason to be put on the practice squad, and later signed). Curry was cut, and so was Barksdale. It seemed like we started the process of cutting the dead weight left over by the Hue Jackson regime.

I know we did better last year than this year, but be real: Hue Jackson mortgaged the future for an average NFL QB. The way the team was being run was not stable or had any sense of longevity. We could not do what we were doing for long. So we hit the reset button. Not everyone liked it, but if we are honest it was what we needed.

I liked all of our moves except one. When you take the 7th best rushing attack and take it down to 25th its not an accident. Our O-line was better suited for a power run game, and the firing of Greg Knapp says that too. Other than that I think we have a solid foundation.

Looking at the team we can see we are not in bad shape (despite a 4-12 record, which I blame on depth and the roster reload rather than scheme, except for Knapp, and coaching decisions)

QB-Palmer is what he is. He is a mid 30's QB in the NFL. He wasn't our downfall but he was not our strength. He is our option until we can find something better.

RB-McFadden had a rough year (and we ran a zone blocking scheme...coincidence?) but when we ACTUALLY BLOCKED FOR HIM he ran well. Goodson was solid too, and I hope we keep both of them, even if McFadden wil cost a pretty penny.

WR-Maybe the only position of strength for us. Moore is s solid possession receiver with great speed. Although DHB has inconsistent hands, he is arguably one of the top run after catch receivers in the league. He is fast and strong, and during Dez Bryants "breakout" season last year, DHB had more yards. Criner and Streeter are both solid technical receivers and both will be back. Ford is probably gonna be a casualty, and I think we should get rid of him. Hagan did his job, but with the other receivers and no special trait he bring he should be gone too.

TE-Myers stole the show. He came from nowhere, and he can block and catch. Set here.

O Line-I didnt think it could get any worse when Barnes was playing RT...then I watched Willie Smith. Both NEED to leave. Breisel disappointed us, and Carlisle is wearing down. Veldheer and Newskie will be back, and they are all we have. Bergstom struggled when he got in their, but he is still way young.

D Line-Big changes will happen here. Shaugnessy needs to be resigned, which is our only resign. Seymour's contract gets bigger while his play gets smaller, so he will be gone. I also think that we need to get rid of Kelly. Bryant played well so I think we can use him as our 3 technique penetrator, but we need to find a nose. Kelly and Seymour were both upfield penetrators, and we gave up alot of rushing yards. Not a coincidence. I really like Andre Carter and Houston too, so we should keep them.

LB-Philip Wheeler was a god send (if a 4-12 team can have one), and Miles Burris was another solid late round pick who started. McClain (who according to Jay Glazer, said he has "4 million reasons NOT to care" about trying for the Raiders) is probably gone, and good riddance. I think we could keep Wheeler at SLB and move Burris to MLB and find a WLB later. But 2/3 isn't bad.

CB-Wow we were bad/weak/if you had a pulse you played and started. Huff played well for not playing the position since college. Philip Adams came on late in the year, but still a work in progress. Everyone else underwhelmed, and don't be surprised if massive movement takes place here too.

S-I know Giordano is not flashy, but he does his job. And Branch is a solid piece. Huff moving back to FS should help, and Mike Mitchell is nothing more than a dime-a-dozen box safety.

Specialists-I am committing sacrilege when I say I do not want us to resign Shane Lechler. Marquette King will come in and cost a lot less and has a ton of potential. Seabass will still be here.

I will have some draft ideas to discuss later, but until then I am off work and out. Let me know your opinions about how are team is set up for the future.

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