Draft/Team Stategy(s)

I was going to comment on other peoples posts, but I have too much to say for just a couple comments.

I believe that we are going to model ourselves after the Packer organization. I say this because Reggie McKenzie is from the Packers and they had a unique way of going about drafting players. The Packers have several key aspects to their team that I see (Granted these are not all of the aspects of their team, just some that are very apparent).

A. Superior quarterbacking

B. Lots of skilled receivers

C. A dominant pass rusher

Aaron Rodgers covers a lot of the deficiencies of this team (running game and shaky offensive line play at times). Granted, this is by far the most difficult position in sports to get great at so we have to be patient with this (and shut up about Terrelle Pryor being the guy in 2013 before you even start. Maybe down the road he can be a solid passer, but if you saw him throughout college and in the game against San Diego you know he will NEVER be an ELITE passer in this league).

So A. may be something we address down the road

When it comes to receivers, we are in pretty good shape. D Moore will be solid for years, DHB CAN be good, but is inconsistent, and Criner and Streeter are solid pieces to build around. I compare them to James Jones solid possession types. Derek Hagan will be cut in my mind, and Jacoby Ford cant stay healthy, so he will be cut too.

We could get B. sooner than later.

As for our pass rush, we have some solid guys, but no big name pass rusher. Lamarr Houston is a beast, but he is not comparable to Clay Matthews. He is more of a solid pass rush/run stop mix DE. We need a Clay Matthews type to go with Houston.

C. may be available right now.

So drafting an elite QB or finding one will be really really hard, but we have some options for a pass rusher and skilled WR. We pick 3rd, and Jarvis Jones should be near the top of the draft. He is the elite pass rusher we could use. He is not lazy or have a bad attitude, which is important to consider. He could be there at 3.

Now here is where it gets interesting. If we trade down (which I want us to similar to what the Rams did) we can get a lower rated pass rusher (B Jenkins from FSU or Dion Jordan from Oregon) in the 10-15 range (or later depending on the combine). We need more picks than we have, and by doing this we will be able to pick up a 2nd round pick.

I want us to go after another WR in round 2, because thats the Packer philosophy. They already had Driver, Jones, Jennings and Nelson and they still picked up Randall Cobb. The Packers are a matchup nightmare, and we could do the same thing. If we picked up potentially a Robert Woods or Tavon Austin in round 2 we would be in a good spot. Austin may fall similar to the way Desean Jackson did which was because he was too small.

What do you guys think we should do?

PS Please dont make your first mention or statement about TP6 as our QB. This is more about our draft and not so much about how Pryor can be the next Cam Newton.

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