A different take of a Mock Draft

Whether Pryor or Palmer will be our starting QB next year, is a MINOR thing take into account here. However, this is a mock draft with a different take on what we can do perhaps. *Most of you will probably not care for it but* it if we were to have this kind of draft I would enjoy, and be excited with it.

I'm only going to say the picks, and give you guys links to check them out. I may give some explanation on some.

We'll trade our #3 pick down for a mid 1st, mid 2nd, future 2nd, mid 4th.

We need picks. Lots of them. We need talent, and young playmakers. This doesn't need to be explained further. lol

We'll trade our mid 1st rounder for a late 1st rounder, and late 2nd rounder.

So now we have a late 1st, two 2nd rounder (mid and a late one), a 3rd, a 4th, no 5th or 6th, and a 7th.

Late 1st Round Pick: John Jenkins, DT Georgia 6'3" 358 lbs.

Plays at DE and DT so he is versatile. A Great run defender, and needs to consistently get double teams. Can play NT as well. As far as I'm concerned we need someone big in the middle to take up running lanes (which he does VERY well) and take up blocks for the likes of Dez Bryant (Who I think will start over Kelly next year), Houston, and Shaugnessy.

Reminds me of Wilfork in a way.

Mid 2nd Round Pick: Alec Ogletree, MLB Georgia 6'3" 234 lbs.

Two Georgia guys? Why the hell not. lol A lot of people love this guy (and if he is not there get Andrew Jackson), and has been a playmaker for Georgia. He can cover really well, and despite his size he is tough and strong. But he needs to be more consisten according to the scouting report.

Late 2nd Round Pick: Alvin Bailey, OG Arkansas 6'5" 315 lbs.

He's big, and he's quick. Wiz can move to the Center, and Bailey take the LG or RG spot. Here's the scouting report: (#67)

Early 3rd Rounder: Travis Kelce, TE Cincinnati 6'5" 260 lbs.

When watching video, Kelce is a fluid receiver with good hands and a GREAT blocker. I'd like to imagine the Raiders running two TE sets with Kelce and Myers/Ausberry. Kelce can stretch the field, is athletic, and most of all... he is a BIG REDZONE target for either Pryor or Palmer. WHoever is our QB can certainly use a guy who can add extra blocking if need be. Hell even McFadden would love it.

Reminds me a tad of Gronkowski...... only not as fast, or sure-fire hands.,mod%3D15&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=w1

Lotta video above. Pick and choose. ;)

Mid-4th Round pick: Leon McFadden, CB San Diego State 5'10" 190 lbs.

Some may know about McFadden here. The video looked real impressive.

And for the last pick in the 7th round....

7th Round Pick: Marquise Goodwin, WR Texas 5'9" 180 lbs.

So why Goodwin? Let's say Ford gets injured again, I am looking for someone under 6 feet, who runs VERY fast, and can play the slot and get mis matches, AND be an explosive returner (which Goodwin is).

What are your thoughts here? I personally would like this draft. It's hard to please everyone, and for a team with a lot of holes, I know all of us won't be totally satisfied.

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