Reasons why : All I see is the bashing of Te'o which is so stupid. Everyone is so crucial of one game! It is one game for god sake and if you believe he is shit, then obviously you don't watch him. When Tom Brady was in College he was under the Radar and look what happened. Te'o on the other hand, is known all across football which is why everyone is looking at every mistake he makes and blows it up. Everyone misses tackles, everyone has a bad game, but one thing you can't take from him is his consistency, and that's what this Raider defense needs. A weak MLB is why our defense sucks so bad, GETTING A PASS RUSHER will not stop the 200+ runners because his main role is to be a pass rusher. Take for instance Bruce Irvin, tremendous pass rusher, but that's pretty much it, same with ex-Raider Wimbley. With a young driven MLB, The defense will have a leader, someone who DOESN'T quit on plays or is a lazy codeine waste of talent. Raiders need to stop the RUN, we can't stop a nosebleed once the run gets going and i'm sure all raider fans are tired of seeing 4 yard runs turn into 15+ yard runs.

3rd Round: Kyle Long


Reasons why: Barnes either should be cut or used as depth. Either or as long as he ain't starting, the guy is atrocious in pass blocking, and he false starts so damn much. Long is huge and lengthy, wouldn't you feel protected if you had 2 tackles bout 6'7. Long is #4 best OT in the Draft and he has the lineage of his father, the great Howie Long.

4th Round: Kwame Geathers


Reasons why: This guy is a mammoth, he can be a later pickup instead of star in the 1st round. 350 pounds of pure power and we need a DT/NT to stuff the middle. Run stoppage should be on Raiders list this year, if you want to be a beast defense you need to stuff the run. Having this guy in will most likely need 2 blockers to block him leaving our tackle machines to get in there.

5th Round: Tyrann Mathieu


Reasons Why: he is a shut down corner, he has fire, he has speed, he is the whole package with a little some some. Usually the best players have off the field issues, not Mcclain & J.Russell though. But I wouldn't mind risking it on this guy, when he was playing he was just pure amazing, I think he has learned from his mistakes, and deserves a second chance like everyone does, The "Raider Badger" if selected, would be great to our weak ass CB's.

6th Round: Knile Davis


Reasons why: Taiwan is always injured and doesn't even play. He will be a good compliment to goodson & dmac.

Guy is 225 and has 4.3 speed. One thing is known for is his catching hands, but another is his fumbles.

7th Round: Blaize Foltz


Reasons why: Our oline is making dmac look like shit, this is another bruce campbell specimen. Guy benches 580 pounds and squats 800 pounds. This guy will plow wholes, from what ive read is that he is a decent pass protecter, but towards the run, he is a monster.

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