He said whaaaat????

Can u believe he said that.




Sorry, just trying to have a good title. the tittles in my head all sucked


I admittedly have not been on this site as much this season, so little in fact that i did not know that the design of the site had changed. I tetyped in the we adress 3 times to make sure that i was really here. It became a daily ritual to check this site, but after the wheels on the season fell off I found myself quite dissapointed in the direction of the team and could not really watch much of the season. Im always renergized during the offseason, The endless possibilities just strengthen my allegiance to the Silver and black. I just began college so ive been stt.ressed lately, im bored now and wanted to give my own thoughts on the offseason plan.


I really dont see the big problem in the cap department, the raiders are always in a dire cap situation and always seem to find themselves out of it. And i dont see how its possible for the raiders to be as constrained as last year. Early projections have us at about 5 million over the cap. its funny, i remember last year everyone was freaking out when the early projections had us like 20 million over the cap last year and when the real number came out, i think it was closer to 40. i might be mistaken.


Despite what i just said i still dont see the raiders spending big money on the free agent market, RM doesnt seem like a big spender, hes very methodical and calculating when picking his player. im hopeful that we can get a couple of under the radar guys, like last year.

Hers my take on priority: CB, OL, DL, WR

Its obvious that our pass defense was horrible, teams threw against us at will, it was hard to make stops, especially on 3rd down, the defense spent more time on the field then our offense. Hopefully DRC doesnt get a lot of buzz and maybe sits for a while.

The OL is in shambles, we might finally NEED to get rid of Carlisle, we have wanted it for 3 years or so. The way i see it our line played best when it had a strong side, Wiz and Veldheer paving the way, i dont recommend Wiz moving just that we get a solid run blocking LG. its a fallacy to believe that we can switch out 3 cogs in our offensive line, so i think we just get a good LG.


I dont watch much college football other than the bowl games, i jusst find it hard to like a sport with an extravagant number of teams and conferences. I find it extremely annoying, i dont understand how people scout the best players and know which teams to watch. The NFL has 32 teams its reasonable to know out of 64 starting wide receivers to know which ones are elite, but what the f. I dont know anything about the MAC, or the WAC, or the ACC, or the SEC. i just find it too confusing.

Well anyways i dont have a mock, but i think, i know that the smart thing to do is trade down to the end of the 1st round and pick up a 2nd, its obvious we need more young blood to rejuvenate this franchise. I read on a BR report that the raiders should trade with the rams and get their 2 1sts but thats fuckin crazy, theres no way any team goes for that, the only way that shit ever happens is if someone falls in love with a QB, which the rams will not.

No, i believe a team like the steelers or the saints trade up fall in love and take Bjeorn Werner. And just remembering that today i read another mock where this guy say that the raiders take barkevious Mingo with the 3rd pick, his reasonging "the raiders love speed," it amazes me at how little some guys pay attention. If the raiders cant trade down, i believe they take Star Loutelei, hes a block occupier he eats up a lot of space and would almost instanly fix our run problems, and because this draft is supposed to be filled with pass rushers they take one at the top of the 3rd.



Palmer - i expected a lot out of palmer last year, i was one of the few who believed in knapp, and the ZBS. I tried to be hopeful, i mean i understood why everyone hated knapp after his first stint, but come on, he had a bad team, and didnt have a lot to work with. And what am i supposed to do, believe that the staff made a mistake and that the season is lost. Fuck that, you go for your team no matter what.

Pryor - i was in seattle at the season finale, i did not get a chance to see his debut, although i finally got to see his throws in the game, i was originally hopeful, but then i saw how we threw the ball, i couldnt understan why he inexplicably lobbed every pass, hes uncomfortable with his throwing motion. Im still not ready to give up on him, but he has a lot of work to do before he becomes the savior of thiss franchise.

And it looks like Kaepernick was quite a find, It looks like Al Davis started to really sharpen up his last few years in drafting. I remember when the raiders were trying to trade up into the end of the 1st round ant top of the 2nd to take him, we missed out, looks like a good one. Giving us another reason to hate on the bay area rivals.


Mcfadden - i was dissapointed in him as well, i did feel as though the scheme would have an adjustment period but to never grasp the system is beyond me, at the beginning of the season i was picturing a foster esque kind of a season for him. never the less, he did come off a season ending injury and he did have a bad team around him

Reece - the beast, still hasnt had a breakout season, its nice for him to get some recognition and get in the pro bowl, avoiding a shut out. Olson says that reece is a matchup problem and will get him the ball. FINALLY.


DHB - regressed after last season and hopefully takes a pay cut to stay with us, he still has some good skills on him that we can utilize, hes our Boldin from a couple years ago, the guy that catches it short makes a guy miss and go to the house, he will never stretch the field, he doesnt have the sepeartion skills, yet.

Moore - an extremely lackluster performace from him this year as well, after a good rookie seaseon, he was hampered by injuries, also worth noting that the skememight have also taken away his best asset, his deep speed, and big play ability.

Ford - DNP, although i expect him to be good this season, really breakout and have a Cruz like season, stretch the field while also being a reliable 3rd down option

OL - They all played pretty bad, dont have much to say, they couldnt adapt to the scheme and struggled immensly

DL - WOW, what was supposed to be the strength ended up being the cripple, Shaugnessy was supposed to breakout as was houston who admittedly yurn it up toward the end of the season but too little too late, Im actually hoping we turn to a 3-4, our team could be better utilixed that way. Bryant, Houston at DE theyre suppose to be good at stopping the run. All we would need is a nose tackle and a good pass rusher. its better than having run defenders at DE who are only good half the time at stopping the run. and can provide no pass rush.

LB - Burris and wheeler seem like pivitol peices that we can build a defense around, put burris at MLB, draft another underrated gem and we should be set.

DB - i dont know what to make of our current crop of DBs, i think Huff filled in admirably, although he was a pro bowl alternate at Safety in 2011, seems only right to put him back there again, he was only behind reed and mayb weddle now. We have some young CBs and we cannot make assessments on their ability to be starting caliber corners, hopefull Chekwa steps out of his shell and picks up where he left off in 2011.

Woah 1483 words thats a lot guess i had a lot to vent.

1494, 95, 96, 97, it keeps going up, i dont know why, 1507. oh i got it right, oh damn it. 1515, 16, 1520, yes yes

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