Offseason Intriguing Scenarios, Part 1: What if Philly wants Terrelle Pryor for Pick #36?

I'd like to introduce this idea I had for the fan posts of S&B Pride. I want to introduce a series of intriguing scenarios or ideas and getting the nation's response on it. I started with a dandy today.

Terrelle Pryor had a good game for the Raiders against San Diego in the final game of the regular season. Pryor has been ensured a chance to compete for the starting job in 2013. Provided he's here.

On the flip side, the Philadelphia Eagles, who had almost a more disappointing season than us. They went 4-12 and fired their HC Andy Reid and will likely cut QB Michael Vick, two years removed from a 6 year, 100 million dollar deal. They hired former Oregon coach Chip Kelly two weeks ago to replace him, whose offense relies on an uptempo, mobile QB and fast weapons around him.

So that brings me to my question: what should the Raiders do if Chip Kelly and Philly want Terrelle Pryor so badly, they offer Pick #36 (their 2nd rounder) for him? I assume many feel that #36 would be way too much for a QB that is largely unproven. But, the fact is, Philadelphia needs a QB in a quarterback-driven league. They've talked about former Oregon Darron Thomas coming in and actually having a chance to start because no one in the draft would be as well a fit. Darron. Thomas. He played CFL football this year.

And that's right. This QB class isn't filled necessarily with a playmaker like RG3 or Wilson. A lot more Ryan Tannehill's and Kirk Cousins's. But Darron Thomas starting is a worst case scenario. Michael Vick's bridge is burned. LOL TEBOW. The best option for Kelly's offense right now is our very own Terrelle Pryor.

Pryor could definitely be the QB through the whole Chip Kelly era in Philly. That's very enticing for them. And I'm not so sure Pryor would certainly be the option here in Oakland. This running-quarterback trend could pop someday, especially with the defensive minds in this game. Are you telling me Jeff Fisher won't be able to slow down Russell Wilson and Kaepernick eventually? Eventually, you'll need a Brady-Manning-Brees guy again someday.

So here's where I'm going. I'd do it. I'd take their third rounder for him. And I LOVE what Pryor could do for this team. I'm not a Pryor hater. Pryor could make the playoffs. But I look at the situation the team is in right now, and I really want, more than anything, another Top 100 pick. There are so many weapons in the 2-4 round area in this draft on offense. Alfred Morris, TY Hilton, Brian Quick...I mean those were Days 2 and 3 selections in 2012, and already contributors.

We can get a dominate defensive player at #3 or wherever we trade down to in Round 1. Add to a defense that played MUCH better in the final 4 weeks of the season, and a free agent class with some talent at cornerback. But other than that, I want weapons surrounding our QB. Maybe Palmer, but I'm also thinking another name at #36 that already has played a game for Dennis Allen's staff. Mike Glennon was VERY impressive in the second half of the senior bowl, and certainly could give Palmer a run for his money just like Andy Dalton did.

So, ultimately, let's have the discussion Raider Nation. Would we rather have Terrelle Pryor, or pick #36?

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