Geno, TP, and Carson--Debunking Myths about Oakland's QB Situation


Obviously, when your team is this bad, you have a lot of question. But no one is even that sure about the very basics of Oakland's QB situation. Is it good? Palmer was statistically one of the better QBs in the NFL. Is it bad? Oakland's scoring offense was horrendous for a long stretch last year. Well, I'll do my best to try and to dig through the muck.

Myth #1: Carson Palmer was horrendous last year and always has been

This is far from the truth. Statistically, Palmer had a fantastic year statistically, with really a bad blocking scheme and weapons that were dropping due to injury like flies.He himself even caught the bad of that offensive lines, and his year was ended early in Week 16 against Carolina. Now, Palmer was by NO MEANS a playoff caliber quarterback. Key turnovers in clutch situation cost the Raiders about 3 wins. But the year cannot, CANNOT, be blamed all on Palmer.

Myth #2: Terrelle Pryor is the undisputed answer at QB in Oakland

Were we famished, Raider Nation? Is that why, on the surface, Terrelle Pryor's Week 17 performance against San Diego seemed remarkable? Because studying tape, it wasn't even average. He missed a ton of throws, and probably his 3 best plays were all runs. Honestly, the Raiders aren't in the game unless that punt is blocked, because TP wouldn't have been able to throw his way down the field, based on what we'd seen earlier in the game.

Pryor certainly has a chance, and I love his mindset, but if Reggie and D.A. see a better answer in sight, it's foolish to think they wouldn't. I hate to say it, but with how the defense played and the running game did, but Carson Palmer probably would have won that game. He could have made a couple throws that could have gone for touchdowns.

But, Pryor's dynamic legs and attitude are more likely of the 2 to revive the Raiders. Palmer is more of a band-aid. But seeing people post on S&B Pride that Pryor will take us to the glory days? Way too premature.

Myth #3: Geno Smith would be a terrible pick at #3

There's a reason I'm writing a whole post on quarterbacks. It's a quarterback-driven league. Why are Baltimore and the Boobs Across the Bay playing in the Super Bowl? Because their QBs were the hottest quarterbacks in the playoffs, and the most clutch.

Geno Smith has the size, mind, and tools that you'd want in an NFL QB. If Dennis Allen, McKenzie, and all the others fall in love with Geno Smith, you have to take him at #3. A franchise QB immediately vaults an Oakland team (that isn't as far away as you'd think) to AFC West contention.

If that link is true, I agree with our scouts. I like Geno Smith too. The only, and I mean only, question I have about him is the deep ball. And that makes Raider fans cringe, because Al loved him some deep ball. But not me. The great teams, like New England, live in the intermediate area of the field (where Geno excels). I think Geno Smith could hit Myers over the middle for 9 in his sleep. Something Palmer and Pryor both had trouble with this year.

Myth #4: Geno Smith's Race makes him a bad QB, but somehow Pryor's immune?

I haven't seen this on S&B Pride, but a lot on Twitter. There is a mass anti-Geno following in the Nation right now. And I've seen a massive comparison between Geno Smith and JaMarcus Russell. When, in fact, they're far from each other.

Smith is not what many see when they see an African-American quarterback. Yes, he can move, but he mostly works from the pocket, with surgical precision. Russell moved around in college and liked to throw bombs down the field, and really didn't care if it was a TD or an interception. Smith has no character issues, and has a good head on his shoulders. Russell was sipping codeine and the Raiders knew it after they drafted him. Smith is a veteran 3 year starter, where as Russell was a one and done starter and left as a junior.

I'm Caucasian, but I think if Geno Smith was white, he'd be the consensus #1 overall by now. But every causal fan looks at him and says "Oh, another running QB." And believe me. Many of you know I work the comments here on this blog complaining about running QBs. Geno Smith isn't a running QB. He's a lot like a certain Green Bay QB who wears #12.

But, my question Raider Nation, why is Terrelle Pryor immune from the Russell comparison? Because of where we'd draft Smith, versus the 3rd rounder we threw for Pryor. Pryor isn't like Russell either. Has a much better attitude and more finesse from the pocket. But, are we only petrified of drafting a black QB because he'd be another Top 5 pick?

I have worse news for you petrified of Geno Smith. With Jacoby Ford wearing #12, and if the team drafts Smith, he'd likely wear #2. I think Russell was a one-of-a-kind bust, and Geno Smith is nothing to be afraid of. HE IN FACT could be the savior, even more so than Pryor. And I'm close to moving Smith above Lotulelei on my Oakland Big Board the more and more tape I watch.

Myth #5: There's no way Pryor or Palmer aren't on the roster next year

Getting back to Geno, he's the reason both Pryor AND Palmer could be gone next year. That and the fact that 3rd-6th Round picks are gold in today's salary cap era.

I mentioned in another fanpost that Philly wants Terrelle Pryor. That's no secret to anyone. He's the only NFL-quality QB available fairly cheap that could run Chip Kelly's offense. The cost? I said Pick 36, but I think Reggie might take that high 3rd rounder they have. Could get a good offensive lineman at that spot.

As for Carson Palmer, he's also got some value. He WASN'T awful last year, despite what the media said, and he could definitely be an upgrade for a team that can't get Geno Smith (if he in fact becomes a Raider). The Jets are desperate. I could see their 3rd rounder for Palmer. Maybe 4th. Or maybe OUR 4th and Palmer for Revis? Who knows? The Bills and Cardinals could also use Carson as we did--a band-aid to evaluate the rest of their roster.

I could definitely see the Raiders holding Geno Smith and 2 new QBs next year. Will it happen? Who knows. But to disregard the notion would be asinine.

So what's the verdict, Raider Nation? Do you agree, disagree, have any other myths to bring forth? If you want to call me an idiot below, that's fine too. All I know is that April will be interesting for the Raider Nation.

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