What if...?

So, I was just reading a fanpost by ASwaim3: "Geno, TP and Carson--Debunking Myth's about Oaklands QB's situation" While I disagree with almost everything he said, I liked a lot the feedback from his post, so I wanted to go a little deeper in the matter and think of what might happen in any scenario whit the QB situation for the next season.

Now, the obvious thing to happen is Carson Palmer going as starter, Terrelle Pryor going as his back up and Matt Leinart selling hot dogs out of the Coliseum. This one is no fun to imagine (except for the Leinart part). As Reggie said, Pryor will be given "a chance to compete for the staring job". This one usually means he will still be a back up, it will take a huge training camp and really good performances on preseason from him to put any doubts on the coaching staff about it. The coaching staff won't put him beneath the spotlight unless/until the team is struggling badly for a while or when/if Carson Palmer gets hurt. Then, either by need or as a stress-relief valve for the coaching staff, Pryor would play. Once he is under the center it all will be reduced to the win/loss record and the chances for a playoff berth. if the team is winning or has a solid chance to go to playoffs, then Pryor will remain the starting QB for the Raiders, who cares if he's playing awful. If you think I'm making no sense think about Tebow's year with the Broncos. Now, if the team is losing and playoffs are not in hand, then he will be back to ride the bench, who cares if he's outplaying RG3. If you think I'm making no sense, go back and look at Minnesota and Joe Webb playing some nice games for the vikings as a starter before they decided to go get Christian Ponder. As I said before, thinking "what if everything goes as expected?" is not funny at all.

What if Carson Palmer were cut/traded?

O. K. I'm calling bullshit on this one. Carson's salary is to big for us to cut him and way to expensive for any other team to give up a draft pick in order to get him. anyway, let's imagine the jets, the bills, the Browns or any other team would find themselves desperate enough to trade for Palmer. Even if a team may overlook his salary, I wouldn't dare to dream that any such team would give more than a 4th rounder this year and a conditional 6th to 3rd on next year draft for him. Way less than what we gave up for him a couple of years ago, but that's how I see it.

So, the next big question is: "Is Terrelle Pryor ready for the starting job?" This question should give us a lot of chance to discuss (and I hope it will). I personally think he's not ready to be a starter yet, but that's just my opinion. Also, we're not asking if he's the future for the Raiders QB. You may think he will be great some day but he's not ready just yet, or you may think he's not Mr. Right but Mr. Right Now and he should be staring while we find a true franchise QB (of course you may just love him and think he's ready to be our QB now and for the years to come, or hate him and think he needs to take a ride along with Leinart). If he were ready indeed, he would need a reliable back up and some reinforcements to succeed. A big Wide Receiver and a better Tight end come to my mind because it's harder to be accurate while scrambling and having a few big targets not afraid to go in traffic is a big help. Also he could use a much better set of guards and a solid Right Tackle. Being a little unexperienced he might take a little longer to find a target and running around too much might end in an injury, and that's why a better Offensive Line overall is a must I think. So much for the defensive oriented draft Reggie was planning on.

What if Terrelle Pryor were traded?

This might be the only scenario where a lot of Raider fans wouldn't be demanding for Pryor every time Palmer throws an incompletion and if the season gets rough, more and more fans will join the claim.

I'm also calling bullshit on this one. Why bringing Greg Olsen to the team instead of one of the many candidates who were more experienced, if not to work Terrelle Pryor into our own Josh Freeman? But hey, we're just using our imagination right? So, No TP would mean no back up to CP... would you bring back ML? (I hate the whole "let's just call the players for their initials, but that's for another post). Seriously, we would have a not so young QB with no proven back up and an Offensive Line under construction. I don't like how it looks. Once again some Linemen should be acquired to give palmer the protection his old bones desperately need.

What if neither Palmer nor Pryor is the starting QB?

Well, if I already called bullshit on the other two this must be a double bullshit right? it's unlikely, but I think is the one that actually has any chance to happen. High Draft Pick, Draft underdog or Free Agency, sometimes you just stumble with the right guy. What if a sudden miracle boy like Russel or a long overseen back up like Gannon came and outplayed both Palmer and Pryor? I know it is like hitting the jackpot but if it happened, it would also might be the most fun scenario to watch.

Anyway, these are my thoughts, so come on and let's hear yours.

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