A Reasonable Approach to the Draft part 1

Here's my thoughtful approach to the draft, part 1. I have been thinking quite in depth as to our situation come draft day and I have thought up some very logical, very reasonable choices that we could see happen in the draft.

Anyway, Part 1 is for you guys who want us to trade down a bunch and just get as many picks as possible and get as many new guys onto the field and in the depth chart as possible.

Here's the first 10 teams in draft order because these are the ones I'm going to talk about.

1. Chiefs

2. Jaguars

3. Raiders

4. Eagles

5. Lions

6. Browns

7. Cardinals

8. Bills

9. Jets

10. Titans

Here's how it could work out. Whether we trade down or use the pick will be highly dependent on who the Chiefs and Jaguars are gonna take. See I think the Raiders want either Star Lotulelei, Dee Milliner or Jarvis Jones, those are the guys at the top of the list.

However, a lot of mock drafts out there project the Chiefs to take either Luke Joeckl or Geno Smith, and the Jaguars to take either Lotulelei, Damontre Moore or Bjoren Werner. I'll tell you what the turn out of events could be for us. It looks like this.

1. Chiefs select Luke Joeckl

2. Jaguars select Damontre Moore

This gives us a very big choice. Since we've let it leak to the media that we had an interest in Geno Smith, this is Reggie making a play on either the Cardinals or Bills. The Cardinals are approaching a desperation point with regards to the aging Larry Fitzgerald. He will turn 30 in August and may not have much longer time in the league that he is able to play at a high level. The Cardinals want somebody now that can get him the ball and give them a chance to utilize his play making abilities. John Skelton and Kevin Kolb are not gonna be those guys. But Geno! That will be a huge step up for them and they know it. The Bills GM Buddy Nix announced in November publicly that the Bills could be interested in trading up for a QB come April. While I recognize that November was a while ago, he may still have the same mentality. Either way, it has been noted that the 2013 QB class is not a strong class at all, full of Ryan Tannehill type throwers. While Tannehill himself didn't do awful, he's not the kind of QB you trade up for. But with the willingness to make a desperate decision, comes us with a willingness to make the most out of it for ourselves.

These are two types of teams we can exploit. The desperate kind and the irrational/impatient kind. It's nothing's just the nature of the business in the NFL. It's all about leverage.

The above scenario gives us two choices. Either draft Lotulelei or possibly trade down to the 7th or 8th pick in the first round. Although, if the Jaguars take Lotulelei like a number of sources project, then we will definitely trade down. If they don't, we will consider using that number 3 pick right then and there and take a gamble on the rest of the rounds with the possible pair of compensatory round 6 draft picks in the mix. We all know that Reggie found Streater as a UDFA so we know he can pick gems out. We gotta have faith in him, we're all just impatient to find out what he's gonna do and we won't know until the draft and all we can do is wildly speculate.

Anyway, projected players in the 7-8 range include: CB Dee Milliner, OLB Jarvis Jones, DT Sheldon Richardson, OT Eric Fisher. However what intrigued me was DE Ezekiel Ansah was projected as high as 9 but as low as 23. I think Ansah would be a good addition to the Raiders, but that's just me.

There's the very slightest chance that the Jets would consider trading up to get Geno. It's not hard to see when you have Sanchez under center.With that added range, G Chance Warmack and OLB/DE Dion Jordan become possibilities. Chance Warmack would be yet another bargaining chip with the Titans, they would like him to open up some running room for their underperforming star running back Chris Johnson. With that, we could trade down YET AGAIN and pick up even more picks. I don't know if there's a limit to how many players you can draft, but if you're talking about needing to add a TON of help on both sides of the ball this is what you should hope for. If we go through the Geno/Warmack scenario that could net us one or two picks in both the 2nd, 3rd, and possibly one or two in the 4th or 5th in addition to the picks we already have and the hypothetical two 6th round compensatory draft picks we can add a ton of help everywhere.

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