Reasonable approach (part 2)

Here are the teams that we could use Luke Joeckel as leverage against them. COULD use. That doesn't necessarily mean that they would. These are teams who suffer at the tackle position or have free agent starters whose contracts are up.

St Louis 16 & 22 (via Redskins)

Jets 9

Chargers 11

Bengals 21

Packers 26

Now, here's another very possible situation here.

1. Chiefs select Geno Smith

2. Jaguars select Star Lotulelei

Here we see the Raiders being blessed with another huge bargaining chip, the biggest one in the whole draft: Luke Joeckl. Arguably the best player in the draft, and he's right in our laps.

It's no secret that the Rams could consider trading with us if Luke Joeckel falls to us. If they really want him, they could possibly trade us their two first rounders and that'd be that. Let's see projected players around the 16 and 22 pick.

16. TE Tyler Eifert, WR Keenan Allen, DT John Jenkins, DE Sam Montgomery

22. CB Xavier Rhodes, OLB Kasheem Greene, OT Lane Johnson, S Kenny Vaccaro, DE Ezekiel Ansah

If it were to work out this way, I would not be surprised with drafting Tyler Eifert and either Xavier Rhodes or Ezekiel Ansah. Solid adds to both sides of the ball, effectively improving both sides. While the defense will be our biggest concern, it is very important that we don't forget about our offense too. We should always be looking for ways to improve every facet of our game not just the ones that need it the most. And the players get older every year, we need to be on the lookout for young blood and heart.

But let's not kid ourselves right? Would the Rams really want to sell the farm for Luke Joeckel? I think they would be more inclined to trade us their 16th pick and then round 2 and 3 or 4. That seems to me to be a much more likely decision. No matter how good Joeckel is, he's still just one player. The advantage of getting two first rounders can be a big one but only if wisely drafted and planned out.

With the Jets, it's similar to the Geno situation. It's something that they need but nobody in the Jets front office seem to believe it. I just read an article saying that the Jets GM has faith in Mark Sanchez. So you know they're absolutely batshit crazy. But could they could be in the market for a tackle and why not consider taking the best tackle in the draft if you have the means?

Around the number 9 pick include G Chance Warmack, DE Barkverious Mingo, DE/OLB Dion Jordan, MLB Manti Te'o, OT Eric Fisher.

As I mentioned in the previous article I wrote, Warmack could be used as trade bait with the Titans but I could also see Fisher becoming bait. Joeckel will be gone by the 4th pick without question. So he's the next best tackle in the draft and I know our fellow AFC rivals the Chargers have an abysmal situation at tackle and they need two for next season.

Speaking of the cell phone Chargers, with their desperate situation at tackle does their GM decide to pull the trigger and go out and get Joeckel? I wouldn't be shocked if they decided that yes we want him if he's available there and then there's one problem crossed off the list.

So with the number 11 pick, who are we looking at? OT Eric Fisher, DT Sheldon Richardson, WR Keenan Allen, WR Cordelle Patterson, CB Johnathan Banks. This would be a trade that opens up some offensive choice. There's still Banks and Richardson if we want to draft defensively still. Not really an effective trade for us. The first round will be about getting our new defensive powerhouse.

And lastly, the dark horses in this scenario. The Green Bay Packers and the Cincinnati Referees...I mean Bengals. The Packers allowed the NFL 2nd worst 51 sacks this season and the Bengals were 7th with 46. And it ended up costing them big when it came down to it in the playoffs. They have to be aware of this problem and maybe see a solution. While the 21st and 26th picks are low, this would ensure that we get future draft picks as well. Now you see why I call this the dark horse scenario. It's definitely the most unlikely as it's almost impossible to envision them selling 2 years worth of draft picks to get Joeckel. But we've seen some pretty crazy things in the NFL so let's check this one out.

Projected players around the 21st pick - LB Alec Ogletree, OT Lane Johnson, DE Ezekiel Ansah, DE Alex Okafur, TE Tyler Eifert

Projected players around the 26th pick - LB Arthur Brown, G/C Barrett Jones, DT John Jenkins, DT Jonathan Hankins, CB Xavier Rhodes

If we were able to trade with the Bengals, it would be especially sweet getting some of what they got for Palmer back.

Conclusion: Having Joeckel fall to the 3rd pick will only work out in a good way for us if we can trade with the Rams. I would prefer a trade to the Bengals for picks this year and for next years draft, that way we can pick up either Ansah, Eifert or Ogletree. The overall most solid trade would be with the Jets. With Mingo falling right there, our pass rushing issues would be seriously alleviated.

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