Fresh, Young, Offensive Mind for OC??

As the Oakland Raiders embark on a search of yet another Offensive Coordinator much talk has been bandied about regarding who would be the best fit in Oakland for 2013. A tried and true Coordinator with years of experience? A bright, innovative up and comer perhaps?? Which way should Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen go this year?

As is often the case when teams are looking to fill out a new coaching staff, there is usually a good bit of talk about going for the bright, young, innovative football mind. Since Oakland is looking to fill in the OC position let's take a look at the Super Bowl Champion OC's over the last twenty years. In the table below I will list the OC's as either (V) for Veteran, (1st) for a first time OC, (1st/E) for first time OC w/experience, or (OC/HC) to indicate an OC in name only as the HC was running the offense.

  • 2011 NYG Kevin Gilbride (V)
  • 2010 GB Joe Philbin (1st/E)
  • 2009 NO Pete Carmichael (OC/HC) also a first time OC. Sean Peyton HC.
  • 2008 Pitt Bruce Arians (V)
  • 2007 NYG Kevin Gilbride (V)
  • 2006 IND Tom Moore (V)
  • 2005 Pitt Ken Wisenhunt (1st)
  • 2004 NE Charlie Weiss (V)
  • 2003 NE Charlie Weiss (V)
  • 2002 TB Bill Muir (OC/HC) Gruden
  • 2001 NE Charlie Weiss (V)
  • 2000 BAL Matt Cavanaugh (V) Billick. Could be classified OC/HC
  • 1999 STL Mike Martz (1st)
  • 1998 DEN Gary Kubiak (OC/HC) Shannahan
  • 1997 DEN Gary Kubiak (OC/HC) Shannahan
  • 1996 GB Holmgren (HC/OC) couldn't even find mention of an OC in my research (bad research I'm sure).
  • 1995 DAL Ernie Zampese (V)
  • 1994 SF Mike Shannahan (V)
  • 1993 DAL Norv Turner (1st)
  • 1992 DAL Norv Turner (1st)

Let's break some of these cats down.

Kevin Gilbride was known as a "fresh, young, innovative offensive mind" early in his career. He ran a version of the Run and Shoot offense which was long on Shoot and short on Run. During his tenure as Houston Oilers OC his squad was powered by Warren Moon and there is no doubt he had a hand in Moon's HOF career.

Gilbride also failed to run the ball effectively and so frustrated his DC, Buddy Ryan, that Buddy socked him in the face on national television. The game was getting out of hand and Buddy was sick and tired of the offense not managing the clock and wearing out his defenders.

No matter, Gilbride would move on to be HC of the San Diego Chargers. What a perfect spot to show Buddy Ryan what an idiot he was. Gilbride had the perfect QB to implement his wide open passing offense..... Ryan Leaf. Oops.

Gilbride was fortunate to land a spot as Tom Coughlins OC in J-Ville. Under the heavy hand of Master Coughlin, Gilbride was able to restore his reputation as a decent play caller. A short stint in Pitt under Cowher followed in '99-'00 then Gilbride was reunited with Coughlin in NY.

Gilbride is now a two time SB Champion and hasn't been described as innovative for nearly twenty years.

Joe Philbin got his hardware in 2010 calling the shots for Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers. While he's a first time OC he's no spring chicken and certainly not known as a fresh young mind.

Pete Carmichael. Rejoice fans of innovation! In 2009, under the heavy influence of Sean Peyton, a young coaching staff lead an electrifying offense to the promise land.

Bruce Arians. Ahh! Revel in the name of crusty veterans. Arians began his college coaching career in 1978. He has served as the HC for Miss. St., Temple, and OC for Alabama. He shifted to the NFL in 1988 and his star began to rise in the NFL due to his work as Peyton Manning's first QB Coach in Indy.

Tom Moore. Three more cheers for old time football coaches. Calling plays for Peyton Manning certainly helps, but Tom Moore was no youngster when he took over the offense for Dungy's Colt's. A three time SB winner, he won his first two SB rings coaching Lynn Swann and John Stallworth in Pittsburgh back in '78-'79. His first coaching gig was way back in 1961 at the University of Iowa.... that's before John Lennon knew who the hell the Beatles were.

Ken Wisenhunt in 2005. In his 2nd year as OC under Cowher, Wisenhunt did a masterful job of managing Ben Roethlisbergers rookie season. Nothing innovative to see here folks. Run the rock, lean on the D, and bring this kid along slowly. 2005 was Wisenhunts 10th year coaching in the NFL.

Charlie Weiss. Man, old guys rule. A three time SB winning OC, Charlie Weiss started out working for Parcels with the Giants in 1990. He stuck with Parcels in NY, NE, and became OC of the NY Jets in 1997. In 2000 he joined Belichik and Co. in NE and brought along a young Tom Brady with a balanced offense. Sorry, no innovation here.

Bill Muir. Ahh yes. The Legendary Bill Muir. Bill Muir was possibly the most influential naturalist America has ever known. Wait a minute, that's John Muir. Bill Muir??? Bill MMMUUUIRRR? Right! He's the guy that laminated Chuckie's play book in Tampa Bay.

Matt Cavanaugh. Hmmm. This was a tough one. The 2000 Baltimore Ravens had virtually no offense. Additionally, Brian Billick was really running things as he was responsible for the explosive offenses in Minnesota when Randy Moss and Chris Carter were going nuts. Hat's off to Billick for scrapping his offense and winning with what he had. I suppose that could be considered innovative though....

Mike Martz! Yo! The greatest show on turf.

"Wait a minute, we lost our starting QB? No prob, we'll just have this box boy throw the hell out of the ball".

"Whoa! Slow down Mike. This is Coach Vermeil. I want you to let Al Saunders work with Kurt and let's bring him along slowly. Remember, we have a terrific RB in Marshall Faulk".


"Marshall Faulk! Just take it easy Mike and let's see how things progress".

"Dick. Whatever you say. Your the boss. How's this Faulk kid at pass blocking and where can can I find this Saunders character? We've got work to do"!

Let's give Martz some props for KILLING the league and confusing the hell out of everyone. All hail innovation! Pass the F*@k out of it. Martz was not young though and was in fact a longtime coach who had really paid his dues. His system was Air Coryell/Zampese on HGH with the threat of having to account for Marshall Faulk. On second thought, maybe he just had some damn good players and real good HC to make sure he didn't get sideways? Hell, I don't know.

That brings us to Gary Kubiak. The relatively young laminating specialist for Mike Shannahan. When Kubiak got his SB hardware as an OC it was due to the fact that Shannahan came up with the mind blowing thesis of giving John Elway a rushing attack to compliment his passing skills.

Shannahan ran the offense and he was by no means some fresh young babe as is commonly suggested. He had in fact been the OC for Elway under Dan Reeves '85-87, the HC in LA for '88-and half of '89, he then went on to win a SB as OC in SF under Seifert.

Sorry, no award for fresh young innovative minds here folks.

The 1996 Green Bay Packers. OC unknown. This is a long post and I am getting lazy. Holmgren was the HC and told Brett Farve to sling it. I think they ran some too. I am on the fence on this one but since the crusty, old, experienced coaches seem to be running away with this thing I may as well give this one to the young punks...... wait a second. I remember now. Holmgren was a disciple of Bill Walsh..... Plagorizing-Copy Cattin' Mother Effer! No innovation here! Just young and fat!

That goes for you too Martz!

Ernie Zampese- 1994- Dallas - Switzer. Got to hand it to Switzer. Hire Norvs mentor who happens to be a veteran of Don Coryell's staff for 13 years and get's the hell out of the way. Nice job guys!

Zampese's time with Coryell began in 1967. Every morning, Coach Zampese would go to work and watch his squad (DB'S) get torched in practice. This went on for six years. In 1979 he joined the Chargers staff and got to coach the WR's and became Asst. HC in 1983. He learned alot.

Having been a RB at USC and a total party animal, Zampese was the perfect fit in Dallas. Equal parts Air Coryell and Emmitt Smith equals Lombardi time! Old dude, good players, don't Eff it up. Not real innovative.... Just good smart prudent football.

Shannahan as OC for Seifert in SF..... See above comments on Holgren and substitute young and fat for short and buck toothed. He's doing a damn good job this year though!

That brings us to Norv's 1992 and 1993 SB gold! Norv was relatively young when he signed on with Jimmy Johnson in 1991 for his first OC gig. He started out in the mid 70's at USC and coached receivers and QB's up until 1984. That's kind of like being asked to go rake the gravel in Death Valley.... He was taking notes on the rushing attack though.

Norv went on to learn some meaningful vertical offense under Ernie Zampese with the Rams from 1985-'90. He coupled this with everything he saw happening at USC and led the Cowboys to one of the most balanced attacks the NFL has ever seen. It's hard to believe, but he never had the number one ranked offense. He did have the number one rusher several times in Emmit Smith. I wouldn't say that there was anything especially innovative about Norv's offense due to it's great balance. I suppose today that would indeed be considered innovative.

So Raider fans, that's a relatively long winded synopsis of how the young wiz kid OC'S have performed over the last 20 years. Lot's have been hired hired. Many have failed.

When it comes to the post season experience matters.

Fire away!

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