2013 Raider Mock Draft(Best Defensive Picks)

Beer. Football. Beer. Beer. Beer. Football...and getting more beer so we don't have to endure these long boring commercials. It's what we all do at this time of the new year. Be all damn lazy and sit down and watch our HDTV, but hey, it's wildcard weekend and we just witness two mediocre teams that lost to great teams who have rebuild and drafted correctly in the past. Starting with the Houston Texans, not too long ago they were a brand new addition to the NFL. In there past draft picks 9 out of their 12 1st round draft picks were defense. Including pro bowlers J.J (Swat) Watt (2011), Brian Cushing (2009), Mario Williams (2006). They only had 3 offensive picks out of their 12 1st round draft picks with the most significant consistent star, Andre Johnson. Do you see the trend? Defense wins championships. I don't know if they are going to the Super Bowl with the stagnant offense but I love there draft scheme. The Packers are a consistent playoff team because of (many consider) the best QB in the NFL, Aaron Rodgers. They acquire great personnel around that defensive shredder. With there smart personnel and coaching they always find a way to the playoffs. I just wonder who was behind all that smart personnel placing and directing. Hmmmm?....oh shit? no shit. You don't say. Oakland Raiders have him?...Yes, our current GM was behind the Packers personnel from '94-'12. So if we really want to make it to post season next year we should maybe follow the old saying "defense wins championships" and make the right maneuvers Reggie McKenzie naturally makes.



It would be a dream come true if the following goes as announced in the 2013 NFL Draft for many Oakland Raider die hard fans...

and with the 3rd pick in the 2013 NFL Draft the Oakland Raiders pick..

Manti Te'o



You see that face? That can be the face of our rising franchise. Every elite team has an elite middle linebacker:49ers-Patrick Willis, Bears- Brian Urlacher, Saints-Johnathan Vilma, Ravens with hall of fame linebacker, Ray Lewis. They had many questions about Ray's athleticism coming out of the U but his passion and love for the game isn't measured in combines. Passionate players love the game and play with their heart out on every single play, and having Manti Te'o in the heart of the black hole would be a mind-blowing. Chargers had the Junior Seau, now the Raiders will have our Te'o. NFL comparison: The late Junior Seau.

Oh, you don't know? You should.

2nd round pick goes to the losers who lost today (Bengals)

with the 3rd pick in the 3rd round of the NFL Draft the Oakland Raiders pick...

Tyrann Mathieu



Me. Me. Me. That's what the picture says...but it really means I am a big reason why LSU defense is the LSU defense. I'm the honeybadger, the fearless small ANIMAL who would fight anybody. Honey Badger is referred by the Guiness book of world records as the most fearless animal in the animal kingdom. Seriously, have you ever watch a honeybadger eat a snake larger then it, it eats a rat, it takes down anything in its way. When they hungry, they eat. Tyrann Mathieu eats up those weak, scared offensive players. Yes hes small and undersize, but heart can't be measured and he plays with a lot of passion and pumps up the crowd with his big play making abilities. Did you watch his interview on ESPN today, he's training, he's done with marijuana and would not f**k up his future with a stupid mind drug. He was devestated and teared up when he was asked about getting booted out of LSU football. Football is everything to him. He said he was "Ray Lewis" because Ray Lewis also said football was all he had. Tyrann is a leader on and off the field and will have multiple pro bowl appearances. NFL Comparison: Cortland Finnegan

You forgot how he balled? Well, here's a lil reminder

4th round

Here we can maybe go offense here with Montee Ball a downhill runner and a durable running back. We can also go with some family history, Howie Long's son, Kyle Long, OT from Oregon. Brother of now defensive end for Rams, Chris Long. Then again, this is the Raider mock draft for defense. So with our 4th round pick we get reinforced with a CB.

Leon McFadden



He's a bit undersize 5'10 185 lbs. but covers it up with his feisty zone coverage. Plays aggressive in the air and competes in the air and uses his active hands. Fluid hips with great hands. Always has an eye in the back field and his run support is fairly well and uses his hands to shed blocks. NFL comparison: Brent Grimes.


5th round goes to Seahawks (Curry trade)

6th round

Duke Williams



Raiders have been known for picking "athletes" who can just run a track meet. Now its a new era with Reggie Mckenzie and he loves football players. Players who know football and play actual hard hitting football. Duke Williams is a fast hard nose DB and reads run very well and runs to the line of scrimmage and fills the alley. He is a sure tackler and a hard hitting one when he gets the chance. He has great pursuit against the run and uses his timing to lay the receivers out. He is a run stopper and defends the air as good as any db in the league. NFL comparison: Chris Crocker

Here's a lil video for you

7th round

Stacy Mcgee



6'4. 299 lbs. We need to fill a void in the middle with Seymour possibly leaving to another team due to a decrease of productivity and age. If we don't get him, I think we'll be all happy with a run stopping DT or a actual pass coverage CB. I'm sure Reggie McKenzie will pick up some key pieces in free agency.


I think you get the whole idea of this year's draft and the upcoming drafts. Defense. Defense. Defense. Who cares about where we picking, whether its a reach or not. It won't matter when the guy is going to get pick in the draft. The only thing that matters is the Super Bowl. To reach that we grab football players who play the game right, smart, and passionately, who are excellent in what they do. Create a team with the Raider identity: COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE.

P.S Patience is key my fellow Raider fans. Have trust in the new ownership, new gm, new coaching staff. We are going to the big game sooner or later. Like what my friend Bob Marley always said "Don't worry about a thing, 'cause every little thing gonna be alright."

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