2013 Draft Monsters

Ive read lots of valued opinions on what the Raiders should do with there picks in this years draft. Should Star anchor the line for the future or is Manti going to be the leader of the team for the future. I would love either guy. You really cant miss with either one of these guys thats the truth. My pick would be Manti Teo. This guy plays with pride. Theres really no combine in the world that can measure leadership. Some people are followers and some are leaders. The truth is there are more followers than leaders. So when your reading this ask yourself what are you. My theory is that most leaders would pick Manti. I dont feel the Raiders pass on Manti Teo. Leaders Recognize Leaders!

What happens if and when they trade down. Well to me we should go after a guy like Dion Jordan. Lots of upside at just under 6'7 and 243 this kid can play in a 3-4 or 4-3. Ive seen him put his hand in the ground and stand up. Either way he can play the run and he can get after the quarterback with 3 steps. Dion Jordan has a long first step along with long arms. Hes long stride quick hands and punch makes him a very good pass rusher. This kid plays on every down with heart and has a nose for the ball. Hes smart and plays with a chip. At times you see hes closing speed to quarterbacks and running backs is freakish. They call this kid The Freak, I really cant wait to see what this kid can do at the combine. This is one guy thats stock is going to rise after the combine.

So if we get into the second round I know we cant pass on one guy here. Chase Thomas is one of those guys that plays with lots of heart and loves football. Hes alot like Miles Burris maybe even better. All year I kept saying we need another guy like Burris. Burris was a stud for us at 6'2 240 and Chase is 6'4 248. Chase is that player you want on your team for years to come. He can pass rush, play the run and cover. You want to talk about an impact player in big games. Check out the move he does at the :24 mark. Chase shows up to the dance and brings his A game. When Coaches talk about I wish I had 11 players with heart, this is one of those guys. To define Chase hes Relentless.

Margus Hunt is a big guy at 6'8 280. He needs work but when he plays his game he is a bully. Hes one guy that the offensive line has to double team. This guy is a gem and we cant pass him up in the 3rd round. I know lots of people want the honey badger. Yes hes a good player but I just dont think you pass on a guy like Margus Hunt. I dont care that Tyrann Mathieu is a smurf. That doesnt bother me. Maybe we get both but with two 3rd round picks. I just feel Margus is just too mean and nasty and every team needs one of these guys. The man is a beast. He needs work but in two years you can see him improve dramatically.

So what about the Honey Badger. He wears his heart on his sleeve. Hes plays with a chip. It doesnt matter how big a guy is, its how big he plays in games. Tyrann Mathieu is only 5'9 180 but hes a gamer. The reason I love this guy so much even more is that he did what he did and did everything he could to start hes life over. Hes clean now and im sure he knows himself better today then he did then. Imagine if he gave up on himself. We might be talking about how good he was, he could of been a great one. Hes the xfactor in games. The kid can play. Tyrann has one love and hes love is football. I would love to draft this kid. The fact is we all need a chance and this is hes.

The blood line of the Raiders.Kyle Long. He may not be great now but he will be. At 6'7 312 Kyle should be playing right away. Stick him in at left guard with Valder-Long-Wiz and look to draft next year on the right side of the line. We could see him grow up fast in two years. Sundays is where this kid belongs. I love the fact that we have Wiz now and having Kyle is just that much better. Now if we could only get his brother with us. Wouldnt that be great.

Daniel McCullers is a monster. 6'8 360 and I really dont need to say much but if he falls down past the 4th into the 5th this kid is a steal. Even in the forth he would be a steal. This kid has so much upside. He plays hard on every down. I think this kid falls right to us. We need a big man like this smashing the offense for years to come.

A Multiple Hybred Defence is key to the future. The draft has lots of gems. The truth is that the Raiders are not going to the superbowl next year. I want to win now just like every fan. But its just not going to happen now unfortunately. We have lots of young players now and this year will be the same. Investing into the future with multiple picks is a good thing. This year you can find the gems in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th round. I know theres lots of great good and maybe better players. I feel these guys can help the Raiders with the future. The fact is the game is changing and these are some guys i feel that have Heart, the Desire to be great and are real football players. Guys that want to win. I feel they have Pride as men and to wear the SILVER & BLACK they will be the Great Men of the Raiders for the future!

Please comment and tell me what you think and what direction the Raiders should be going in in the draft. Tell me what you would do in this draft and why you feel those guys should be Raiders.

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