Newest Latest Observations Part 2

Hello again all,

Well I'm back to discuss what we've learned since my last fanpost:

Let me start by adding a bit to that one since some of what I said came to pass.

Well it appears DA & RM heard me in regards to Flynn as they not only demoted him to #3 but released him outright. Contrary to the cries of the foolish this was the smart move here. Flynn proved he is not able to manage a game even when spotted a 14 point lead. His pocket awareness killed us in a game we should have easily won (Pryor would have crushed WAS). So such is life. He hits the bricks with very little left to gain in the NFL except $. We lose a 5th rounder next season which we'll most likely get back due to losing so many players last off season. The money? We owe him nothing next season and we're already paying other guys 50 million more this year. I don't hate on RM for taking the gamble but very few (save your truly and some others) knew the Pryor would turn out to be every bit as good as Al hoped.

Dmac is back practicing but mark my words - it won't last. RB should be very high on our list this off season. We need a back that can scare the hell out teams and play more than 10 games a season and Dmac is going to want BIG $. We should offer him a 3rd down back role and pay that equates that. Nothing more. I expect to see at least one more injury that puts him out a few games going forward. NTM that I've liked what I see from Jennings thus far. Bottom line though, the guy running the ball that scares defenses? It's Pryor.

Looks like our depth is a tad better than I suspected. The OL held last week for the most part but let's be real here, SD's D is a complete joke. KC will be a completely different animal. I just hope Pryor stays healthy this game. God knows we don't need anymore injuries. Speaking of which, bummer about Menelick, I liked what I saw of the kid in preseason and we could use the OL boost. Hopefully McCants and the other next man up's can hold the fort.

OK onto to new observations:

#1 - Speaking honestly, I don't think we truly begin to see just how good a passer Pryor has become until he gets a few more seconds in the pocket to make his reads with a healthy OL. Although if there's a silver lining to our OL issues it's this: He's learning to make quick reads, even quicker decisions and learning how to use his speed WITH his arm instead of just his legs. This will only make him smarter in terms of reading defenses, pocket awareness (which is miles beyond Palmer and Flynn) drill in his head not to force anything and make mistakes.

#2 - There's been a lot of talk about who our #1 WR is, Streater or Moore? Well now we have Holmes also in the mix. I don't think it matters, as lately, both guys have been making plays. Personally I'd rather have multiple weapons in the passing game via NO or STL back in the day. Colston isn't considered a true #1 by most but he shows up and fills the box score, that's what we need. The more options there are, the more trouble defenses will have shutting our offense down. This also opens up things for Pryor the runner. If we have a viable RB, then things get even more interesting for opposing defenses.

#3 The defense is getting better. I've been watching Hayden since day one and he's starting to think less and react more. That INT last week was just the beginning IMO. I also know that C-Wood is making a huge impact on guys like Hayden, Ross & Adams. Just his energy and never-say-die attitude on the field shows these young DB's how they should be approaching the game and as the weeks roll by I think we'll see more improvement across the board. Remember when teams used to gash us for HUGE running plays? Yeah I'm starting to forget too! Instead I see more hold and gang tackles than I can remember. Houston is playing up to his potential and the new additions are getting push when we really need them too. The LBer core is playing solidly as well. This used to be one of our weakest areas and now RB's and TE's are getting hit when they step into that middle zone. It's refreshing to see but I think most forget that DA is first and foremost a defensive guy and I will not be surprised if we are dominant force next season after improved the roster one more time this off season.

#4 Jano is finally getting comfortable, I think he and King finally went off and practiced til Mom rang the dinner bell. Jano's kicks against SD and his demeanor resembled last season. He wasn't thinking either, just kicking. Relationships take time and I think Jano is finally beginning to trust his new holder. This should mean more points when we can't move inside the red zone and in game's like this week's that can be the difference between victory and defeat. I declare The Polish Cannon officially back.

#5 This game could be a turning point for us, if we can rattle Smith and pull up early again then we have a real shot to win this game. I honestly don't believe KC is as good as their record indicates. Remember a lot of haters said the similar things about SD last week in terms of how good they actually were. We quickly dispelled that nonsense. I think we have a real shot to do it again this week and I'm ultimately curious to see how our team takes on this challenge. I'm thinking this one plays out more like the IND game than the DEN game.

Well that's what I see this week folks.

Hit me up with comments is you see something I missed or wish to contribute.

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