A Raider Review and Preview

Tough loss. I've been saying those words all season.

Veldheer. Tough loss. Ausberry. Tough loss. Indy. Tough loss. Branch. Tough loss. Skins. Tough loss. and now KC. Tough loss. They never get easier.

What I saw in KC


The Chiefs aren't better then the Raiders, but they have more depth then most teams. Especially this Raider team. This defense is for real though. I'm not so sure about Allen as a HC and everything that goes with that but him and Tarver have the defense playing well. They shut down this KC offense and if it wasn't for an unnecessary PI on DJ Hayden on an un-catch-able overthrown ball ( Which he made up for by forcing a fumble and ending probably the best drive the chiefs had) and TP basically giving them the ball after the line had a complete melt down ( After he already got the 1st down but brought back on penalties) The KC offense wouldn't have scored aTD. That's impressive. The defense is playing good which is more then anyone expected from them. They played like ballers. Really looking forward to watching them chase after Rothisberger and his own handicapped line in Oakland after they are all beat up from their big brawl against Baltimore.


Reece got the ball one time. That's how you know we didn't win the game. That's all you would have to tell me if I didn't watch the game is Reece got the ball once and I would already know the Raiders didn't win. They have no complete TE on the roster but they have Reece to ease that pain and they don't use him. Not really sure why that happened and not really sure if Olson should be back next year. BUT it's still early and TP is still new so maybe the plays he had for TP weren't plays designed to go to Reece also. Well, that needs to be fixed. The Offense was a bunch of buster this week except for maybe Dmoore, Streater, and possibly TP.

Terrelle Pryor

Welp. It looks like he's human after all. My only question is who could have succeeded in that environment behind that line with Justin Houston and Hali and big ole nose tackle coming after you? Who? P Manning would be in a retirement home or in Europe getting stem cells injected into his neck if this happened to him. Do not blame TP for the loss because he's already blaming himself. The game was over after that 1st interception he threw. That was bad. Probably the worst thing he's done and probably the worst thing he will ever do. If his line was good he had time to throw and he made that pass I think I'd start looking at these college QBs but that might have been the worst line ever assembled. Briesel was playing center. The ZB guard that Houston didn't want to resign was playing center because the LG Gurode who was playing center got hurt. Just terrible with no one to blame besides maybe Reggie. There wasn't a quality Offensive Linemen on the board when you picked Tyler Wilson? Oh that's right he was suppose to be Flynn's backup because who is Terrelle Pryor? No but let's keep trying to sign Josh Freeman when the Offensive line is made of straw because you and Knapp drafted Bergstrom.

Ballers and Busters

Every week Levi makes a ballers and busters list ( I enjoy reading every week) and we give him our feedback on the list. The Flynnactics usually just agree because they didn't watch the game they just looked at the stat sheet and make sure it corresponds with Levi's list. It also gives Levi a chance to bad mouth TP in hopes they'll draft some Oregon QB that puts up huge points on bad d's until they lose to some SEC team or Stanford. Then there are guys that are so critical and just want to argue with Levi "Like why isn't Nix a buster" because Nix is always a buster and it would get boring always having to write his name each week. Then there's my personal favorite the guys that say "Hey if you don't like it go make your own Ballers and Busters list". Like that kid who didn't make the team in middle school so he went off and started his own team. Like this is a blog, Levi wants to hear your feedback if he didn't he wouldn't write this he doesn't want you to go write your own slop tart version after you already got your info from his. Well I'm gonna make a list and it'll be short and not as detailed as Levi's and there will most likely be less unfair Pryor criticism in mine.


Lamarr Houston: The best player on the defense. Didn't have the best stat game but he took Walkers guy off him so Walker got the sack. Houston pretty much holds his own against anyone.

Charles Woodson: Fumble recovery and a forced fumble that went out of bounce. He's been a stud so far. Had a nice tackle at the line of scrimmage but didn;t see much action because Alex Smith didn't do much with the ball.

Denarious Moore: Scored the only TD after a nice slant catch and run. Was pretty quiet after that because the line troubles began. He's been stepping up every week.

Sio Moore: Started the game off with a boom by getting a sack on the first play.

Nick Roach: Had a sack and led the team in tackles

The DLine: Vance Walker had a sack. Pat Sims and Jason Hunter did a good job keeping Jamal Charles in the building behinda very good Oline.

DJ Hayden: He had a bad PI on 3rd down that led to a TD but had a very nice forced fumble and a really nice reverse punt return for 22 yards that was most exciting raider play in the 2nd half.

Tracy Porter: Didn't allow a catch on several attempts. Best game from Porter so far. Hopefully more to come.

Marquette King: Had a busy day but all 8 punts looked solid including one 64 yard boomer so the chiefs couldn't get anything going before halftime.


Offensive Line: Worst performance I think I've ever seen. Flat out bad. You can't have offensive ballers when the line is so terrible. No blocking, false starts, and holding calls the entire 2nd half. Hopefully some injuries heal and it will never be that bad again. HOPEFULLY

SeaBass: Come on man this team needs you and you miss a chance to put them up 10-0? SeaBass hasn't had the magic this entire season and it's really hurting. Hopefully he gets it together because if he doesn't he's not worth that hefty kicker contract he has.

Greg Olson: He's got a young athletic QB that he didn't think was gonna start ( That's on DA because most of the nation knew who was gonna start) and his line is made up of duct tape and chicken wire and the duct tape ran out in the 2nd half. The chiefs crowded the line with their ears pulled back going after the QB and he didn't call anything to stop it. He didn't get Reece ball. (heard this before) His offense looked like crap.

And that's the end of the list.

I know where's TP? He's not on it. I refuse to list him as a buster when his job was impossible to do. He wasn't a baller that's for sure. He kept them in the game until the 4th against the loudest crowd and a very good defense. He didn't have the help he needed this week. You can make your stupid Aaron Brooks comparisons all you want but TP is going to come back better then ever.

What's coming?

I'm hopeful Raider fan and if you want to hear that we should be getting ready for next season and the draft go read an ESPN story. This bye week is much needed. Hopefully Wiz, Watson, and Miles Burris are back for Pittsburgh in 2 weeks. Hopefully Veldheer is back the week after against Philly. Then Hopefully Branch is back a week or two after that. Philly's defense is weak. Pittsburgh's Oline is soft. The Giants are winless. Houston is giving up. Titans don't have Locker and when he does come back will he be able to stay healthy? Probably not. Lots of very winnable games coming and I can't wait.

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