By the Bye - Fly or Cry?

OK we are six games into the season and our Bye week couldn't come at a better time. Not only in terms of health of the line, but in terms of focusing the team on the positives of the first 6 games and what knowledge they can take from that to win more games than they lose after the bye. A requirement to hit an 8-8 season which would be a remarkable success for this team.

Team Strength - Defense - those 11 bodies have come together and are what gives us any shot at 8 and 8. No offense to Pryor whose development is also why we may have that shot. Of course he will have to - throw it away, eliminate happy feet in the pocket as well.

Personally my belief is we look to be headed to 7-9, 8-8 if Denver insults us in the last game of the season playing second stringers.

Pittsburgh - A very winnable game (W). Their offense is lacking in weapons and their defense isn't what it once was. If Pryor and the offense don't give this game away we should win it.

Philadelphia - A 50/50 (W) - dynamic offense, weak defense leads to a game that matches our strength vs their strength and our weakness offense vs their weakness defense. Enough of O-line will be back that we should win this one at home.

Giants in NY (W)- We get the east coast bug off our back. - It's time it's big we are coming off a 2 game win streak and an emotional last minute victory over philly. A big play early in the game gets the NY boo birds out in force....

Houston in Houston (W) - Dare we hope for another road win against a team in emotional turmoil. Cushing and JJ Watt will do everything they can to stop us but the Houston home fans are in revolt of their coach and lack intensity. If Pryor can be mistake free against a silent home crowd we prevail.

Then things get real hard

Tennessee - (L) - their defense gets us crushing an emotional high from going 45-1 or 4-0 the previous 4 weeks. Team attempts to go big for home fans and pays the price. The positive news coming out of the game is we have our starting o-line all together for the first time of the year. They made some mistakes but will be ready for thanksgiving.

Dallas (TG day) (L)- Mass hype and a game I won't be missing while cooking my bird....The Raiders will be somewhat healthy and have had a surprising road trip playing off a short week. This is a 30-40% win game depending on if Romo cracks under the Turkey day lights.

NY Jets (L) - I currently peg it as a loss the way Ryan has the jets defense playing. However, if we do indeed have our o-line back and can run more 3 receiver sets maybe we sneak out 2 victories in NY this year.

KC Chiefs (L) - Still hasn't found an offense, Pryor doesn't crumble makes no mistakes and defense wins us the game at home, not.....KC is playing trying to catch Denver overwhelm our line and the positive leaving the game is Pryor learned to throw the ball away under pressure.

Won 4 lost 4 talk will be of whether Allen keeps his job with the in season regression (AKA BS tv host banter to have something to talk about).....Players know their answer.

SD Chargirls Home/Away (W) - The game for the bottom of the AFC west, the raiders leave San Diego there taking the satisfying season sweep.

Denver (W) - Elway has the home field locked down, starters are given the day off - Raiders take an unsatisfying win.

Yes I'm a homer but we can dream......

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