McGloin and Wilson - Don't Count Out Raider Darkhorses

The Raiders have two back-up QBs, who are 2 of the toughest rookie QBs I have ever seen. Yet, personality-wise, McGloin has the intensity of John Wayne to Wilson's almost-indifferent Steve McQueen. It’s a remarkable, possibly volitile pairing. I have spent a lot of time recently investigating both McGloin and Wilson; I was interested in seeing what kinds of QB-attributes each young man possesses, as well as their similarities and differences in style and comportment.

McGloin has 4 videos on youtube where he’s being interviewed by media-types. One of those interviews occurred after he got into a "fight" with one of his wide receivers during practice; McGloin not only lost consciousness after hitting his head on the ground but had a seizure because of it. I was like holy shit! One of the media types implied he’d been KO’d, which McGloin quickly denied, claiming they had gone down together (which does often happen in fights). The whole interview was surreal especially when you think this guy could be starting for the Raiders on Sunday!

Penn State QB Matt McGloin talks about fight with teammate (via StateCollegeDotCom)

He gave a post-game interview after a bitter defeat to Nebraska and it was far from a typical player-media exchange; McGloin was completely engaged and had a kind of gladiator-mindset; the contest on Nebraska’s home-field had been lost on what McGloin intimated was a referee conspiracy against PS (oh yeah, this kid was destined to play for the Raiders); the game is life and death for him. See below for a few glimpses into the kid's competitive make-up:

Penn State QB Matt McGloin Upset With Officiating (via Mark Brennan)

Meet Oakland Raiders New 2013 Undrafted QB Matt Mcgloin & Highlights (via RaiderCentral)

That’s the in-your-face intensity that comes shining through. I can’t wait to see this kid play for the Raiders, or see him at the podium afterward answering questions. After watching all these interviews and watching all of his game footage, I understand why Dennis Allen, et al, fell in love with McGloin and moved him up the depth chart. He is the epitome of football intensity.

Tyler Wilson is the epitome of the laid-back Florida scene, with its sandy, sun-baked beaches, volleyball and all the OJ you can drink. In that sense he is the polar opposite of McGloin. And next to Mr. Intensity, it’s not at all hard to see why Dennis Allen felt like he had to ride Wilson, why he had to push his buttons, and why he ultimately demoted him. Next to McGloin, he never had a chance to show what he actually does best - play in games that matter.

Fortunately, we have lots of college game film to see how Wilson competes when the games matter. I’m here to tell you that in 2011 he was a lion. In the face of a 300lb lineman bearing down on him on an up-the-gut stunt, Wilson stood tall, delivered a strike down the middle of the field, and got crushed head-on in a jarring collision. Go to 4:23 on the video below to see that bit of courage under fire; this is a video of all of Wilson's passes vs LSU, good and bad. He has a live arm, which should excite Raiders' fans.

Tyler Wilson vs LSU 2011 (via JPDraftJedi)

Tyler Wilson has a better arm than McGloin, at least if you go by their college tape. In fact, in 2011, Tyler Wilson was a throwing fool. Against LSU above he was throwing footballs from every conceivable position, running to his left, to his right, going backwards, going forwards, on his back-foot, or just standing there in the middle of the pocket on those rare occasions his OL actually blocked for him. He can, also, run a little, but don’t ask him to slide because on the field - where it really matters - Wilson is every bit as tough as Matt McGloin.

Just ask Jon Gruden, who is definitive when it comes to Wilson's sheer toughness after watching Wilson complete the "greatest play in Arkansas history" - you'll see it for yourself in the video below, Wilson is fearless. However, as Gruden made clear, he has technical issues that need cleaning up and Gruden makes a telling comment about getting Wilson "back to" the player he was in 2011 when he was one of the top NFL prospects in the country.

Tyler Wilson Gruden's QB Camp (via LilShawn424)

There is no question in my mind that Wilson is a viable NFL QB prospect, but I question, sadly, whether Oakland was the best landing spot for him. The Raiders don't have an enviable record for developing young QBs and with 2 defensive-minded leaders at the top (RM & DA) there is some question about their expertise on the matter. Also, having to compete with McGloin (Mr Intensity) was bound to end in personal failure for him due to the circumstances in 2012 at Arkansas, which left Wilson in a much worse place than he was after 2011, both technically and mentally. This is a prospect who needed rebuilding, from a technical and confidence point of view - I don't believe he benefited (in the short-term, at least) from Allen's tough-love approach during training camp and the pre-season. However, a local beat writer has reported that Wilson is standing-out at practices lately, which means he may finally be adapting to the professional demands of the NFL while regaining his 2011 form. Hopefully, we will see Wilson start before the 2013 season is completed.

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