QB vs QB - Who wants it more???

A lot of folks are jumping on the McLovin train today after the output in today's game. Which is completely understandable. A victory will do that. A rare road victory will intensify that ideal to point of fever.

But I'm more interested in how this whole thing plays out moving forward.

Before we crown McGloin King let's look at the whole picture:

1. Yes the kid looked good, like he could be "The One" good but it was his very first start and it was against a bad HOU team. Yeah I know they were ranked #1 in passing D and all that and I was impressed but we all were impressed with Pryor prior to the KC game just a few weeks back. Things can change in a hurry.

2. Pryor has had very little time to throw, much less that McGloin had today. I want to see him with a full pocket long enough to go through all of his reads before declaring him less of a passer. Yes he's regressed severely but a good ass kicking will do that. Question is can he come back?

3. I'm also very curious to see what Pryor does now that McGloin has laid down the gauntlet at his feet. Will he rise to meet him or fade away? Pryor is a worker, so is McGloin - it's going to be an interesting battle.

4. Can McGloin do this again? Consistently? This remains to be seen but everyone who's ever doubted the kid has eaten a huge plate of crow. I want to believe after today. It's a great story and he's done nothing to sprinkle doubt.

5. The biggest thing that has puzzled me is whether or not the new regime is down with TP. They took their sweet time bringing him in and yet they stayed with him this season but will they give him another shot to redeem himself? I just don't know. He wasn't their choice to begin with so maybe they were just trying to appease MD. If McGloin is named the starter then we know this was so and I have more respect for how they intend to build this team as it would mean that loyalty will bow to results. In a statement - Truly, no more scholarship players.

6. I'm not believer that someone should lose their job to injury, that being said I'd have an extremely short lease on Pryor if he starts week 12. We can't give away any more games due to offensive ineptitude or regression of Pryor. It might not seem fair but the only thing that should matter at this point is which one of these guys wants it more and which one of them proves it on the field.

Lastly, let's not forget that Wilson is still lurking. This regime DID draft him and they felt comfortable enough to make him #2 today. As I said, it will be very interesting to see what will happen going forward. I can't remember the last time the Raiders had a legitimate QB controversy with two (possibly 3) QB's who want to be The Guy.

May the best man win.

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