2014 Free agent wish list

In no particular order here are my top 10 free agents I hope Reggie Mackenzie will be spending most of the $55+ million available this coming off-season.

1. Sign our own - this should go without saying but the first priority should be signing our marquee free agents to be before they hit the open market. Those would include Lamar Houston, Jared Veldheer & several others on 1 year deals that have been huge in the rebuilding of this defensive unit.

2. Brandon Browner - the Seahawks boast the legion of boom secondary & he is truly 1 of the top reasons why. His ability to match up in man coverage allows Seattle to mix up their blitz packages & as well as his pure hustle as evidenced by this play in the preaseason.

3. Aquib Talib - while I like Browner more just because of Talib's character concerns he much like the prior would allow the Raiders to lock down one one of the oppositions' top outside threats just because of his great size. Also a talent like DJ Hayden would benefit greatly from the lack of single coverages because of his presence on the other side.

4. Michael Johnson DE Cincinnati - Cincinnati has invested over $90 million in two of its four starting D-line. He will walk & considering up until this year he's improved his sack numbers every year while still only 26 yrs old makes him as valuable a defensive talent as there is this upcoming offseason.

5. Jimmy Graham - this should go in the well duh category. He is without a doubt the best tight end who may just be available in several years. This front office would be the dumbest in the NFL if they pass on him if he becomes available.

6. Andre Johnson - yes he is not a free agent I know however, there's always a however. He will be owed nearly $27 million over the next 2 years by the cap-strapped Texans. I don't see him agreeing to a restructure & more years while he's 33 yrs old & the organization seems to be in flux. I can see him requesting a release & getting a huge payday by some up & coming team looking for that one free agent they need to give them some legitimacy as a contender over the next 3-4 yrs. remember when we took a chance on a HOF coming off knee concerns? Jerry Rice was 37 then. This could happen.

7. Michael Bennett DE Seattle - his versatility to play the 3 or 5 tech as well as lining up inside on rush downs screams Reggie McKenzie guy. He would be a great fit in this defense & give us some much-needed depth particularly on trips to the mile high city against no-huddle calling dildos.

8. Greg Hardy DE Carolina - remember the guy who made the hit that forced Carson Palmer to the bench & began the TP show? This is him! He has a motor that just won't quit & being only 26 yrs old means he's only going to get better.

9. Matt Slauson OG NYG - he is a mauler who knows Tony Sparano's PBS intricacies & has been a huge asset in Geno Smith's development allowing the Jets offense to rely primarily on the run & gash defenses en route to a surprising 5-5 record this season. The fact he likely won't command more than $2-3 million a season makes him one of the best values of this upcoming free agent class.

10. James Jones - while Greg Jennings was busy making millions last year by resting a groin injury, this guy was only leading the league in touchdown catches. His ability to stretch the field along with great hands makes for one of the best options in free agency this year. We have a lot of big recievers. We need a big-play receiver.

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