Five Good Questions with Titans blogger

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The Raiders are set to face the Titans at home in week 12 so this week I picked the brain of Jimmy Morris from Titans blog Music City Miracles. Here's how that Q-n-A session went.

Me: Are the Titans pretty much doomed without Jake Locker or can Ryan Fitzpatrick do enough to keep them competitive?

Jimmy: Fitzpatrick has played really well the last two weeks.  The offense is a lot different with Fitzpatrick under center.  Against the Colts last week the Titans spread the field and ran a lot of no huddle.  Fitzpatrick made quick decisions and moved the team down the field.  How long will that last?  Who knows, but it should be enough to keep them in games.

What has been the main reason for Chris Johnson's lack of numbers this season?

The offensive line hasn't been as good as they hoped.  The Titans entire plan this offseason was built around winning the line of scrimmage.  That hasn't happened as often as they would have hoped.

CJ also tends to leave some yards on the field.  He loses confidence if the holes aren't there early and tends to not run as hard as the game goes along.

First the Titans hand the Jaguars their first win of the season and then they very nearly beat one of the best teams in the league in the Colts. What are we to make of that?

That is an excellent question.  This team has enough ability to compete with the Colts for the AFC South title.  They just don't show it consistently.  You really have no idea what team you are going to get from week to week- or sometimes even from half to half.

With that being said, they have a very slim margin for error.  They won't win many games where they lose the turnover battle.  They lost that battle against both of those teams.

The Titans have a top ten defense this season. What is its bread and butter and what is its weakness?

Their corners are really good- like possibly the best duo in the league good.  That masks safety play that isn't all that good- so I would say the secondary is the best part of this defense.

The weakness has been against runs up the middle the last few weeks.  They have been getting gashed there.  Part of the problem is that they have been missing middle linebacker Moises Fokou.  He might be able to return this week.  That would help.

Most of us know about the 5 interception season Alterraun Verner is having and the breakout season of Jurrell Casey with 7.0 sacks. What player(s) might we not know about of whom we should become aware?

Derrick Morgan has been playing really well.  The Titans spent a first round draft pick on him a few years ago, and he is starting to play really well.  They will need him to get pressure on Sunday to force McGloin into some bad throws.

Click Here to see my answers to their questions!

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