POLL: The Pause That Refreshes, Turkey Day Style

Thanksgiving is a great time to pause and take stock of what has transpired in our lives, review where we currently are and look forward to what the future might bring. We should all be thankful for health and happiness for our loved ones, our friends and ourselves.

It’s easy to lose sight of what’s important in life and that’s why I’m offering that we take a moment to catch our collective breath and appreciate what we have. And what is really important after the aforementioned priorities above? Our beloved Oakland Raiders, that’s what.

After the loss to the Tennessee Titans at the Coliseum on Sunday, there was much consternation within the Nation. All of a sudden our playoff hopes are in doubt, our starting quarterback is only six foot nothing and having balls batted and swatted here and there and everywhere, and our defense is playing zone in the Red Zone and watching opponents crawl untouched in to the end zone. I say, "Enough, already! We have a TON to be thankful for regarding our team." The following is just a short list of things that we can all be thankful for, but does not hope to capture everything.

We’re competitive! Ya, I know, we lost, I got the memo. I also saw a team that did not give up and played hard, solid football to the end. At the beginning of the season I don’t recall anyone on this team or it’s staff guaranteeing a playoff appearance. I wasn’t predicting it. You know what I was predicting? A hard out each and every week. When you line up across from the Oakland Raiders know that you’re in the shit for 60. That wasn’t always the case up until recently. I’m thankful for that.

A short week! Go ahead and tell yourself you’re not looking forward to playing Dallas on Thanksgiving. It’s a national stage on a national holiday. Ever heard of intensive training and education to shorten the learning curve? Matt McGloin and every other rook are about to cram four games of experience in to one afternoon in big D. That’s a big stage. There’s no better way for rookies to lose their cherries than in the intense spotlight of Jerry World. As the world famous Woody Harrelson would say, "It’s time to nut up or shut up!" I’m thankful for getting back on the field ASAP.

S&B Pride Blog and its staff! I have NO idea what cave I’ve been living in. I’ve even heard of the Internet. I surf porn like every other mother **bleeper** here. Ya, I know, you don’t surf for porn. BULLSHIT. You’re breathing you’re surfing for porn. What I hadn’t been doing was joining a community blog and discussing my favorite topic, the Oakland Raiders. Before I became aware of this blog I was like a crack head trying to find someone to talk to about the Raiders. Your spouse will only humor you for so long. After a while, they’re like, "Ok, Honey, you need to go fix something or hang some Christmas lights or go walk the dog." I DON’T HAVE A DOG! Then I found this blog and the clouds parted. I can get all I want at S&B Pride and save my marriage at the same time! What a deal. I am thankful for this blog and Levi and the gang.

A young team and staff! So, I’m watching the Broncos give up a 24-point lead to the Patriots only to inevitably lose in overtime. It’s like 100 degrees below zero in Foxboro and as this thing gets tighter and tighter the cameras are trying to catch the anxiety on Peyton Manning’s and Jack Del Rio’s faces and the jubilation on Tom Brady’s and Bill Belichick’s faces (nice try, I know, jubilation is just not in either man’s vocabularies) And it suddenly occurs to me: these guys are all **bleeping** old. And I don’t mean in the ground old, I mean football old, and that’s like 30. Then I started thinking back to McGloin’s and Allen’s pressers and how dejected they looked and sounded and it really hit me: these guys are really young. Not like out of the womb young , I mean football head coach young, and that’s like 40. And the light bulb went on: we are the future and they are the soon to be past. Although I have a tremendous amount of respect for all of these men and their respective teams, they are on the down slope of their careers and we are on the upward slope. I am thankful that our best days are ahead of us.

Fellow Raiders fans! I mean, really, who the hell else would listen to us rant incessantly and really give two shits about it? It’s not like we’re solving the world’s real problems here just our own need to be heard. Levi and the gang run the shit but this blog works because of each and every one of you out there that contributes. And for all of you I am very thankful.

Peace, brothers, and have a happy Thanksgiving!

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