Newest, Latest Observations Part V

Hello again,

Well that shit sandwich sure didn't go down well. There's been article after article and debate after debate as to who's to blame. So I'm only going to touch upon some things I noticed that haven't been brought up.

#1 - McGloin has sold me in terms of his continuing to start. Yes that INT was HORRIBLE but he did show the ability to make adjustments on the fly, continue to avoid sacks by using quick reads and a release and has definitely shown more accuracy in his two starts that Pryor has in his 9. He also did not crumble when he lost his 2nd favorite target in Rivera and brought us down the field for the 2nd straight week to lead us to a "take the lead" score (That throw to Reece was a thing of beauty). I still want to see how he handles a tougher D in Dal but he's shown me enough to get behind him for now. For all the talk of Pryor's potential, I see this kid's too. Either way, competition brings out players - the best guy will win and IMO McGloin has done nothing to deserve Pryor taking back over at this point in time. This could change in a heartbeat though and then we'll see if Pryor really wants it or if he just doesn't have the stuff to hang onto it should his door crack back open.

#2 - Yesterday was a good barometer of where we are. We're better than what most thought we'd be but we not good yet. The key is consistency and we're not there yet in that department. That tends to happen when you're paying over $50 million to guys not playing every week. I can't wait til that's not so next season. Marcus' article was pretty dead on IMO. I expected an up and down year and that was with a healthy OL which we haven't seen all season. As long as we don't fold the rest of the season I'd say this season will be a step in the right direction.

#3 - We are still missing impact players. Woodson is the only consistent bright spot on D in terms of always being at a certain level. Jennings has done well but he scares no one. Same with Streater and Houston. This is why this off season is so crucial. If we find even 2 or 3 of those guys our entire team changes for the better. (I still cry a little bit knowing we could have had both Megtaron and Fitz on our team) but I'll take one guy like that for our WR core and a tough runner with speed (Think of Bell or Lacy) to counterbalance that passing addition. We also need the sack master on D to put the fear of G-O-D into each and every QB. Houston is close but he's not quite on Watt's, Peppers or others level. Put another killer in there and I bet he gets a lot better - quickly. In the secondary, I like Hayden but he's still learning the way Aso once did, find another guy like him and we'll get better back there real quick. Jenkins is the Nix of our secondary and we need a viable replacement ASAP.

#4 - Rivera could be one of those guys IMO, he's been progressing nicely throughout the season and I was more pissed that we wouldn't get to see more of that progression than the fact he got cheaped by Griffin. Apparently he's already back to practice so I'll be routing for him this week with the hope he continues to grow.

#5 - I think DA is fine in terms of job security. Let's knot forget that he's learning too and as his curve goes, so goes the development of our players. Overall I like what I've seen from our young guys since last season and the rookies this season. He still misses some stuff (STOP the CLOCK) but no one can deny the team's progression in the right direction. People had us winless this season remember??

Overall I look at the following stretch of games as tea leaves - we'll see if the team continues to grow or regress. You only get better by playing against superior talent and if you can't at least fight when you know you're out-manned and outgunned, then you have no business playing. My old coach used to say that and it's truer than true. We're about to find out whether our team has the mustard to fight. I'm betting that they will.

Go Raiders!!

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