This Blog has become a Warzone

I believe you all know what I'm talking about with the title. We have experienced this the last few weeks, where someone posts something and it becomes this gigantic argument that has already been dealt with before.

It doesn't take much really. The Raiders are loosing, and often this makes a lot of people irritated and trigger happy. The need to blame is strong, and loud. A debate is when two sides bring their opinions and they back it up with either stats or logic. I don't see any of that in this blog anymore.

It has become a warzone. Where your opinion will get targeted. Where your opinion forces you to choose a side, and it's one side vs. the other. McGloinatics, Pryor fanatics, those who think DA is alright and those who think he blows. Anyone can comment "DA sucks! GET HIM OUT!" or "McGloin sucks! Bring back Pryor! McGloin is not the answer at QB!" Really, the blog is full of these bombs. And the opposite is also true here, where people do think DA is alright, and McGloin or Pryor are the answers at QB.

You can go on every post, and you will see the battlefield. You can even witness it n progress often, for these battles are never won or lost. They are endless. Even when you think they are done, the same people, same arguments, are popped up sooner than you can imagine.

It's really too bad, because I have seen arguments which should have ended, but they never do. I regarded myself as a neutral party, not taking any sides (for I don't think DA is the answer yet, and I don't know if McGloin can be the answer. I have no strong feelings of one side or the other. And I bet someone will try and challenge me on that still because at the same time I am waiting for next year to judge DA if he sticks around, and I'm still observing mcGloin).

But now I think I'll just be the ghost in the background. One who has already given up in trying to debate anyone here on these subjects. It is now pointless to me. A pointless war of beliefs that can never die, except if the Raiders start winning games and I knew since the beginning of the year that the Raiders were not going to be a winning football team (many of you know I was predicting a 6-10 record at best).

Someone may bait me into another debate, I won't doubt. But I'll avoid it. I'm just going to watch the games, root for the team and QB to play well. That's all I'll be doing. You want to talk about how great McGloin or Pryor or how much they both suck? Go ahead. It won't matter to the team or even me. You want to talk about how much DA blows donkey doo, or is an alright coach thrust into very difficult circumstances, I'll be off in the sideline. Don't mind me. Whether or not we believe how any of these guys are won't matter. Difference between a debate, and a war of beliefs, and I think both sides know what I am talking about.

So I won't bother. I have seen a ton of comments on both subjects in the post-game thread, and though my past self finds the need to comment, my current (and changed) self just smiles, and thinks "Well we are stuck with both, so no matter what we all say, it won't change a thing." Am I fine with this? In a way, yes. I love this team, but there comes a point where I'm just going to stick with my own thoughts about the team, and that's that. I find that there is some solitude in this, where you are at one with your own opinions, and don't feel the need to defend them agaisnt anyone elses.

If you don't understand, fine. I just felt the need to vent in a way. Won't change my love for the team, but those who do oppose what I think at the moment will now just have to live with it. If anyone would like to do the same, feel free.

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