Newest, Latest Observations Part VI

Well we let another slip away. I won't get into the blame game (just like last week) as it serves no purpose here. So with no further delay:

#1 - The QB controversy -

McGloin finally looked like a rookie on Thursday and made some rookie mistakes. Two many throws into double coverage which lead to his one INT. That was the bad but he still threw for over 250 yards and was only sacked once. He also barely missed credit for another TD pass before Jennings was forced to punch it in. He also managed to still make quick, accurate decisions and throws that made Holmes look like a rock star and helped keep our team in contention with the run game hosed for the most part. That being said, if he blows up in a negative way against NYJ next week, I do think Pryor will be back under center faster than you can say McLovin'.

Pryor - Now I believed in Pryor until he couldn't come back from his KC beat down and as questionable as McGloin was at times on Thursday, he didn't take 20 yard sacks, DOG penalties or get penalized for grounding. Pryor has immense potential (no doubt) but if he can't find his way back to the player he was early in the season he may never get another chance even if McGloin chokes in Jersey. I'm more curious to see if he comes out swinging if he gets another bite at the apple but if I'm being honest, there's a distinct possibility that he may not.

I'm truly concerned because I'd like to go into next off season knowing we don't need a QB of the future and right now I'm not sure if we'll have that luxury. I have no allegiance to either guy but my gut says McGloin comes out on top, he just appears more refined as a pro passer and he's overcome every obstacle to get to where he is. Pryor could still prove me wrong (which I'd love) but right now McGloin's own fate is in his hands.

#2 WR's -

Yes it was fantastic to see Holmes break out but can he do it most games? I don't know. We seen the MO time and time again, the throw goes up and our WR's get out positioned or out muscled or just don't go after the ball at all. I want at least one guy who will. Holmes showed that he was willing and able and again, it would be fantastic to not need a true #1 if he suddenly becomes that guy the rest of the season. I'm not holding my breath though. I want to see the next big thing on our team. Broken record I know but we haven't had a stud WR since Brown and he that must not be named. That needs to change.

#3 OL -

Well, we're finally getting healthy and then Brisiel goes down. Damn we can't catch a break. We desperately need these guys healthy so we can see what we really have. The nice thing is we have a decent amount of youth including McGloin's college center in Wiz II and if we can found a way to stay healthy we may have all our questions finally answered as to who's playing where for the long haul.

#4 - Secondary

We clearly need more help in the secondary and I think we take another step forward here next off season. We went from scrap heap to the vet bargain bin and this off season we should be able to take a step into true starting "in my prime" caliber DB's. Losing Branch hurt here obviously but Hayden is a WIP and Jenkins is maddeningly inconsistent. I'm beginning to think that Adams and Chekwa are what they are and Ross has shown very little. IMO it's a huge area of need.

#5 - Coaches

This season is starting to play out like last season - However, the big difference is we aren't getting blown out like last season. DA & Tarver have shown some growth and that needs to continue as does the level of talent on the roster. I still think that year 3 is when we start to see everything come together and based off what I've seen, the staff deserves one more shot to show it isn't them.

Overall it's been a more interesting season that we've had in a while. Yeah we aren't winning (yet) but we've taken another step in the right direction. I have faith that we will continue to do so.

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