Jack's Mock Draft v0.5

A mock draft this early, with no free agency yet, is merely an exercise of scenarios which would look nice. I'll only include the prospect and my initial thoughts on him though, and I'm doing up to round 4 because beyond that I am so far unfamiliar.

Forgive me, but I just got done with finals, so I will gradually look at more prospects as the weeks go on.

TRADE DOWN for a 1st and an extra 2nd rounder.

1st Round Pick: Khalil Mack, OLB

My belief is that if you use your first pick, use it on an impact player. Mack can be that guy. Although he hasn't played elite competition (the one time he did, against Ohio State, he had an interception returned for a TD and 2 sacks with 9 total tackles), he has a very high motor, and doesn't give up. As a pass rusher he has the skills to be elite in that category, and with added strength he could fill in a very important role in our hybrid defense. Which by the way, Mack has lined up in multiple spots along the defense, inside, outside, and even at DE. Oh, and he is a real good jumber I read.

2nd Round Pick: Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, TE

Don't fret about this selection. Some of you would want a WR, and some would want a DT. ASJ is a HUGE TE, at 6'6" 276 lbs. is a great blocker, and a real good receiver for his size. His role would help a lot for the offense, as he will help with any blocking for the pass or run game, and be a great red zone target for our QB. Also, we can use the two TE set, and have Rivera as our joker role (in other words, TE/FB/WR). It offers flexibility for our offense, and I think will greatly help us overall.

2nd Round Pick: Zach Mettenberger, QB

I like Mettenberger because he has prototypical size, and arm strength. He steps up in the pocket, and is the safest passer I so far have looked at. Pocket QBs are better to have, as they are forced to learn to read a defense, and make reads under pressure. He sometimes throws into coverage, but his mechanics are good, and I think he could develop into a franchise QB for us.

3rd Round Pick: Andrew Williams, RB

In the running for Heisman, I have seen Williams play, and looks great. Jennings will need someone to rotate with him, and Williams is a RB who has excellent balance (a big plus) and is a running back who displays vision with his power and ability to cut. He is 6 feet and over 220 lbs, so I think he could be a great change of pace RB with a great workhorse mentality like Jennings.

4th Round pick: Daniel McCullers, DT

McCullers is gigantic. 6'6" 355 lbs. gigantic. He doesn't do much with the pass rush, but he is a brick wall against the run in the middle, and has sometimes required triple teams in college. I'm hoping he could be that immoveable piece in the middle of our defense, and free up Sio Moore, Mack, and Houston as well as our LBs.

With these first picks, I hope to establish a more balanced offense and defense.

Defensive scheme, hybrid 4-3, 3-4

Mack (elephant role on the left side. This means he will be close enough to be a DE, but stands up as a LB) - Houston - McCullers - Walker

MLB: Burnett and Roach in the middle, Mack on the left in the elephant role, and Sio on the right side as an OLB.


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