Newest, Latest Observations - The Future Addition Part 2

Well we sure got some answers didn't we?

It was ugly, then it wasn't and then it was and that about sums up the entire season IMO.

McGloin got tested and shot himself in the foot, many times. But true to his continuing, regressing form, Pryor came in and did - nothing. Then he cost us yet another TO and threw another terrible pick.

So with that I jump in yet again to state the obvious.

#1 - QB's

The QB situation is not clear save one thing - Pryor is not the answer. It's sad but he simply cannot make adjustments on the fly to keep improving. Once defenses figured out his MO he stopped being an effective QB. He has - in essence, become Te_blow. All run and no throw. He's a much better thrower than Te_blow but he questions every throw now and he never used to. I was hoping he would show some spark that he flashed earlier in the season when he finally received another opportunity with an improved OL but based on what I've seen the last 2 weeks that ship has sailed IMO. He doesn't have the consistency to take another step and his confidence is shot, maybe for good. I had such hope (as did the rest of us) for Al's last pick. But now he becomes a glaring example of all that was wrong with Al's picks - they were mostly extreme athletes who had to be molded into football players. This is a big reason why we could never develop a QB under Al's watch. Some seem to still believe he could be the guy but I'm just not seeing it. Perhaps this off season he prove everyone wrong again, but until then my opinion remains.

Love him or hate him McGloin has flashed some skills. It appears he also has a gunslinger mentality which has gotten him into trouble the last few games. Too much throwing into tight windows and double/triple coverage. This has resulted in way too many TO's and cost us the last 2 games. The only question is, can he learn from his mistakes? We're about to find out as he clearly has the rest of the season to show he can be developed and learn which risks to take and which to let pass. If he doesn't show he can do this, then be sure that we'll be drafting or acquiring a QB this off season. Quite honestly though, I see us doing this anyway. No reason to have just one QB when we can promote a competitive nature. Like I said, love him or hate him - McGloin is the last man standing - for now.

One last tidbit - I'm sick to death of hearing about Wilson being a wasted pick. He was always a gamble (as are most 4th round QB's) and unfortunately, he did not pan out. I would be pissed about that if we didn't find McGloin in the process. Yeah I get that there were other players we could have drafted at that spot but hell, in round 4 no one is a guaranteed sure thing. Either way we ended up with Hayden, Watson, Moore, Rivera & McGee as starters at some point this season and most think that Murray & Kasa will find their way into the mix next season. So forgive me for not giving one shit about Wilson now that he's on the Titans. People said the same thing about Criner last season and look at what Streater is doing now. You hit some and you miss some and Al missed a hell of lot more than he hit in his last 10 years.

#2 - Coaches

It's getting harder to defend DA and his staff but KC is a solid playoff team and ours isn't anywhere close in terms of talent. We going to gain some of that much needed talent this off season. We shot ourselves in the foot too many times to mention and our lack of a true impact player on D hurt us bad in this one. I reiterate what I said last week, the ONLY reason to fire DA is if you can score Bill Cowher or someone else of his ilk not named Gruden to replace him. If we can't do that then you ride with DA and see if he (like McGloin) can take a step forward. The last thing we want to do right now is set a precedent with the new regime that we haven't changed in terms of HC's and their tenure.

#3 - RB

Jennings continue to impress and we all know what we have in Reece, Murray was drafted for a reason. I think we're looking better for the future on this score which is a pleasant surprise.

#4 - WR

The best thing about McGloin has been Streater. It's no coincidence that he's blossomed with McGloin under center. Better thrown passes will do that for a talented WR. He's a shown that's he's solid possession receiver with real consistency in that time. Meanwhile Holmes looks to be a better option than Moore on the outside as he's taller, has better hands and will fight for the jump ball. I still believe we need a true #1 to relieve the pressure and force opposing defenses to be honest and I won't be surprised to see us pick one up this off season.

# 5 - The Trenches

We still need help here but not as much as some think. Don't forget that the OL hasn't had a chance to gel with the starting guys with all the injuries we've suffered through. We also still have a few young guys learning here. I'd be happy with adding a couple more pieces. The DL still desperately needs a monster pass rusher and any upgrade we can get inside to increase our size.

#6 - LBers

Curious to see what RM does here. Moore has been great for a rookie and Roach & Burnett are more than serviceable, we took a step in the right direction but we still need to keep going IMO. At the very least we need more quality depth here.

#7 - ST's

They need to figure out what's wrong with Jano, personally I think he's been dealing with some minor injury and that has contributed to his inconsistency. He's incredibly expensive so he either has to turn it around or we need to start thinking about moving on. To let him go would suck as he's been one my fav's but we can't afford lose games because of missed FG's going forward.

Welp, we obvious have a lot to do still and per MD's words the "deconstruction" portion of the program is over. This off season will truly give us the first real glimpse as to what kind of team we're really interested in building and how we're going to go about leaving all those losing seasons behind.

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