For the DA has Earned a 3rd Season Crew

So you argue that DA has earned another season...but you don't really argue that he argue that we need continuity...well let's look at DA...The Model of Continuity

The 'Our Players Stink Argument'

New Players in 2013

Woodson - Hall of Famer Vet. Improvement

Young - NFL Vet. Worked with DA. Improvement

Porter, Jenkins, Hayden - All NFL Vets. Anything with a pulse is an improvement over last year.

Roach - NFL Vet. Drastic Improvement over McClain

Sio - Stalemate with the dread LB we lost but talented player nonetheless

Burnett - NFL Vet. Improvement.

Hunter, Walker, Sims - NFL Vets. Each an Improvement albeit not by much, but do check the Run stats.

Rivera - Tremendous Upside. Improvement

Jennings - Probably our MVP. Improvement

That's 13 players, all but 2 NFL Vets, we now have on our roster that are clearly better football players than the players we had last year...but our team looks worse somehow. Hmmm. Perplexing, Indeed.

That's 1 vote of confidence for continuity and keeping DA. He continually gets less with more...if you call 13 better players less.

But I digress...

Did you know DA is the only Raider HC to lead his team to a loss of 56 points?

Did you know DA also has led the Raiders to losses of 49, 37 (Jets adjusted would be like 95), 37 and in 2012 losses of 55, 47, 38, 37, 35?

Did you know that DA led teams lost 8 of their last 9 in 2012, and this season are on pace to lose SURPRISE 8 of their last 9 again? Another great vote for continuity...DA is a model for it.

Did you know that DA is now among such greats as David Shula and the infamous Lane Kiffin in winning percentage?

Did you know that the only DA led victory against a team .500 or better came this season against the Chargers which knocked them temporarily below .500 again?

Did you know a DA led team is the only team to give up 5TDs and 215 total yards to a single back...and on only 16 touches?

Did you know that DA led teams had held leads in only 4 of the 22 losses? (Dallas, Tennessee, Washington, Atlanta) Did you know only 2 of those did his team hold a lead in the 4th quarter?

Did you know the above reference speaks to his inability to adjust in game and prepare the team for opponents?

Did you know that means he's getting out strategized by nearly every coach in the NFL?

Did you know he has had more year of HCing experience (2) than Defensive Coordinator experience (1)?

Did you know that his teams are -7 (2012) and -9 (2013) in TO margin?

Did you know that TO margin is the stat that most closely correlates to Wins and losses?

And Did you know that DA had 10 days to prepare for the Jets, which resulted in a robust 20-3 halftime deficit?

Well...there's your continuity...

Continuity is a derivative of the word continuous which is to say...'uninterrupted in time'...

DA is a model of continuity...his losing ways have now gone uninterrupted for 30 games with 2 to go.

PS....We'll leave the soft zones, horrible clock management, inexplicable QB substitution pattern, and baffling decision to hire Gregg Knapp out of this one.

Finish this sentence for me, 'DA should get a 3rd season because he has clearly shown improvement in this measurable area...'

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