Coaching, standings, and Salary.How much of it is coaching and how much of it is the players?

I did this list after defending Dennis Allen and the job the coaching staff is doing.I wanted to see how much there is to coaching and how much the players really make the team.And To see how all the teams stack up with the current records and there used salary(salary talent).I added my opinion about each team and sometimes tried to explain in my viewpoint of that team why they are at the spot they are at.

Now lets look at this by the best records in the NFL and salary for each.Keep in mind some of these teams have rookies preforming well which once there rookie contracts expire there contracts will cost that team even more.
Also the most important position by far is the QB , if you have a good QB it makes up for the lack of other talent , See Patriots.

I personally think this list shows that players make more of an impact than coaching to a team.It shows that a team with talent that a good coach can make a huge turn around like in KC.It also shows bad coaching coupled with bad QB play like the Texans this year who have plenty of talent but still lose.

I'm not saying coaching is overrated , coaching can make a a good team great or a average team good.
But hardly NEVER has a good coaching turned poor into even good over the course of a year, unless they have some kind of gimmick like the Wildcat used by the 2008 Dolphins.

1.Seattle Seahawks 12-2
Salary talent $124.8 million rank 1st
The best record in the NFL also has the highest Salary talent in the NFL.
Is Pete Carroll the reason? He does have a big part who has chosen many of the players on his roster that can't be denied.But look at the depth of talent on this team,that they have used money to PAY for, and its loaded.

2-t.Denver Broncos 11-3
Salary talent $119.2 million rank 5th
John Fox is a decent coach, but is he the reason the Broncos are sitting with the 2nd best record in the NFL?
I think the majority of people who know anything about the NFL knows Peyton Manning had a more than huge part in having the 2nd best record.And take a guess how he became a Bronco? They paid him a ton of money.

2-t.Kansas City Chiefs 11-3
Salary talent $116.2 million rank 8th
Andy Reid is another good coach who gets tons of deserved credit.
But keep in mind here he had 6 pro bowlers on the team when he came and brought in a good QB which points to...
Last year was a perfect example of bad coaching in Romeo Crennel , even with 6 pro bowlers they only managed 2 wins
But in his defense the QB play was pretty awful.

4-t.New Orleans Saints 10-4
Salary talent $116.6 million rank 7th
Sean Payton is a pretty great offensive mind and good coach.
But if you take away some of the $60.8 million he has in his offense, I'm pretty sure the record would reflect this.

4-t.San Francisco 49ers 10-4
Salary talent $116.2 million rank 9th
Have you noticed a theme here? So far the NFL's top 5 teams I have listed also spent in the top ten in salary talent.
Jim Harbaugh is still a good coach , gets his team motivated.
But much like the Seahawks this team is loaded with top talent.

4-t.New England Patriots 10-4
Salary talent $106.3 million rank 19th
You can see a huge disparity now.
Good coaching with a Great QB can make up for the otherwise average roster.

4-t.Carolina Panthers 10-4
Salary talent $93.2 million rank 28th
I almost certain Ron Rivera will be in the list for coach of the year, along with Andy Reid,Bruce Arians(Again this year), and Joe Philbin.He has done a pretty good job so far.The main reason the Panthers are much better this year and still are very low on the salary talent list.Is rookies, they have hit a home run the last 3 drafts, most of there best players are still on rookies contracts, this will change in the future.
But still they have drafted good and doing the best they could with the talent they have.

8-t. Cincinnati Bengals 9-5
Salary talent $119.7 million rank 3rd
The Bengals are primarily known for having a great defense and the reason?
Maybe the $69 million of salary talent being used on it, more than $5 million than the whole Raiders team.
If Dennis Allen had $69 million just to spend on defense I think we have have won a few more games than 4 so far.

8-t. Indianapolis Colts 9-5
Salary talent $110.6 million rank 15th
Chuck Pagano has proved he can coach well.
But having the highest rated QB to come out of collage since Peyton Manning has something to do with that to.
Again Luck is operating on his rookie contract, once that is over the Colts will be in the top ten of salary talent.

8-t. Arizona Cardinals 9-5
Salary talent $101.8 million rank 23rd
There is a reason why Bruce Arians won coach of the year while not even truly being a HC.
He already had a decent defense when he got to Arizona, but still his coaching has made the best of his roster.

11-t. Chicago Bears 8-6
Salary talent $119.3 million rank 4th
The Bears team is loaded with talent , but currently 2 of the best defensive players are on IR(the salary talent still counts for people on IR).If Charles Tillman and Henry Melton would have played you could might say they win a few weeks ago vs the Vikings and maybe more wins.If the Bears had a losing record I would consider this bad coaching.But its still to early to tell how good Trestman will be, being the first year in his system.

11-t. Philadelphia Eagles 8-6
Salary talent $114.3 million rank 12th
Chip Kelly has done a pretty good job so far and seems to be getting better the longer his players are learning his system.But his team still had tons of talent on it, his record and his salary rank is almost in line with the wins he should have at this point.

11-t. Baltimore Ravens 8-6
Salary talent $103.5 million rank 22nd
John Harbaugh team won the Super bowl last year, so he is a good coach.
But look at the lost talent this team suffered in the off season.
Ray Lewis,Anquan Boldin,Matt Birk,Ed Reed, Bernard Pollard, Paul Kruger,Dannell Ellerbe, Cary Williams, Ma’ake Kemoeatu.That's a lot of talent lost and his record reflects that , even with great coaching your team can't overcome these huge loses.They are sitting good in the salary talent department so the coaching here is exceeding its roster.

11-t. Miami Dolphins 8-6
Salary talent $96.0 million rank 27th
Joe Philbin will be one of the coaches going for coach of the year.
His wins has exceeded the talent he has on his roster, he doing a good job.

15. Green Bay Packers 7-6-1
Salary talent $118.0 million rank 6th
This shows how losing your star QB can hurt your record big time.Mike McCarthy is much like Sean Payton, great offensive mind that no one doubts.He is also has been winning games with Matt Flynn, who the Raiders cut.
Now who is a better offensive mind Mike McCarthy or Greg Olson?I would say about 99% would say McCarthy.
Is that the whole reason for Matt Flynn's failure in Oakland or does a big part of it have to do with the
$45.1 million(Yes I deducted the $12million Rogers is making) the Packers have in salary talent on offense?
Compare that to the Raider's $30.5 million, you cant tell me that having 1 premier talented Guard, a go to receiver, and a great receiving TE would not have helped Flynn in Oakland?
Mike McCarthy is a much better coach than Olson , having a better coach AND 50% more talent on offense does helps a ton to.

16-t. San Diego Chargers 7-7
Salary talent $107.9 million rank 18th
Middle of the pact with wins and middle of the pack in salary talent.Rivers is having a good year , there wins should be higher seeing how good the QB play has been.Now the Raiders did beat the Chargers early in the year, with Pryor as QB 27-17.Story of this game,turnovers.3 Rivers int's and a fumble by Woodhead.
I think most fans would say that the Raiders might lose to them if the turnovers don't go there way.
Is Allen the great coach for getting lucky with the bounce of the football this day?
No, but he isn't be a poor coach either cause he doesn't have the same amount of tools other NFL teams have.

16-t. Detroit Lions 7-7
Salary talent $103.8 million rank 21st
Jim Schwartz has a great combo on offense Stafford to Megatron the NFL's best WR.He is a good coach that motivates good and knows his X's and O's.He lacks a little in disciplining his players which shows again on Sunday with the amount of personal fouls this team gets.

16-t Dallas Cowboys 7-7
Salary talent $100.1 million rank 25th
Jerry Jones always has his hands on his team.His offense and defense are almost equal in salary talent.
With the record I would say there Offense is very well coached and the defense very poor coached.
Above average QB and a lot of Offensive play makers, makes up for the lacking defense.

19-t. Pittsburgh Steelers 6-8
Salary talent $109.1 million rank 17th
Mike Tomlin is a good coach , the Steelers have been contenders for such a long time.
But most of there talent is older now and it shows on Sunday.Salary and record both around middle of the league.

19-t. St. Louis Rams 6-8
Salary talent $109.3 million rank 16th
Again middle of the pack team ,middle of the pack Salary.

19-t. New York Jets 6-8
Salary talent $98.5 million rank 26th
Rex Ryan is a pretty good coach.I think his wins exceed his roster.

22-t. New York Giants 5-9
Salary talent $113.9 million rank 13th
Tom Coughlin has won 2 Superbowls , so I think that qualifies him a decent coach.
Eli Mannings contract is a pretty big portion of the salary cap(20.8 million this year).
This season has been all about int's from Eli, if his play somewhat matched his contract, this season would be more wins for the Giants.

22-t. Tennessee Titans 5-9
Salary talent $114.3 million rank 11th
Mike Munchak on paper has a decent roster of talent.
But again QB play has hurt his team, they are underachieving in my opinion.

22-t. Buffalo Bills 5-9
Salary talent $90.0 million rank 29th
Doug Marrone is doing an Ok job , but hasn't had the best QB play.
But again they have a below .500 record and one of the lowest Salary talent.

25. Minnesota Vikings 4-9-1
Salary talent $122.3 million rank 2nd
So the Vikings have the best RB in football and $57.5 million more than the Raiders in NFL talent.
Yet both teams have below average QB's and the same amount of wins.And Dennis Allen is a bad coach?

26-t. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-10
Salary talent $111.5 million rank 14th
They only have 4 wins with a pretty talent loaded team.I think they are underachieving by a lot.

26-t. Atlanta Falcons 4-10
Salary talent $104.8 million rank 20th
Falcons have one of the lowest defense salary of all teams 25th at 42.9 million.
And its shows on Sunday every week.
Losing Julio Jones to injury hurt the chances of the offense to overcome the bad defense.
Now again is the Atlanta defense bad cause of coaching or cause they choose to focus most of the salary talent on offense?

26-t. Cleveland Browns 4-10
Salary talent $88.3 million rank 30th
Look at the Browns Roster.They have about 5 good players, but the best 2 might be left tackle Joe Thomas and WR Josh Gordon.Who arguably make below average QB's look much better than they are.
They are overachieving without a strong QB.

26-t. Oakland Raiders 4-10
Salary talent $64.8 million rank 32th
Yes you read that correct $64.8 million is devoted to the players on the roster.
That is less than just the Seahawks offense(69.3 mil), less than Broncos offense(66.8 mil), less than the Eagles offense(74 mil) and less than the Bengels defense(69 mil).How the heck do these guys even compete with such a disadvantage?Well its not the coaching(sarcasm),its got to be those future hall of fame undrafted free agents that the other teams didn't want.You guys think its coincidence the Seahawks happen to have the best record in the league and the highest salary?Its mainly cause of depth ,if the starter goes down they have plenty of talented guys ready to come in and play.They have also drafted well and it shows to.The Raiders not only have the lowest by far $17.7 million to the next worse, but also lacked the high draft picks so making that up is even harder.
The Raider's are overachieving by a lot.Some has been due to finding decent(average NFL talent) players on the waiver wires found via the GM Reggie and some to the coaching staff.

26-t. Jacksonville Jaguars 4-10
Salary talent $82.5 million rank 31st
I think Gus Bradley is doing a decent job with the Jags.
But still they have the 2nd lowest salary talent of the whole NFL what do you expect them to be?
No one had the Jags winning more than 7 games this year looking at there roster and guess what they are not going to win 7 this year.

31. Washington Redskins 3-11
Salary talent $101.2 million rank 24th
I think most people will tell you Mike Shanahan will be fired at the end of this season.
Maybe he should be , they made some real bad coaching moves and they don't have the talent to make it better.
If they had good QB play from RG3 this year they would be overachieving.
This is another good example of bad coaching decisions in my opinion.

32. Houston Texans 2-12
Salary talent $115.3 million rank 10th
Well what can you say about the Texans this year.
They have a very talented team on both sides.They lack a good QB.
There is a reason why Gary Kubiak was fired before the season ended.

I understand my opinion is different than others and respect all others opinions.Keeping Dennis Allen and this coaching staff is on Mark Davis and Reggie McKenzie.
But the huge fact remains with all this info, The Oakland Raiders are far from being on level playing fields with the rest of the NFL when it comes to NFL talented rosters.

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