A real look at Reggie McKenzie's drafting ...

I had to write this fan post after reading an article about Reggie McKenzie missing out Keenan Allen in addition to reading many posts on every article written in the past couple of months that discuss Reggie's drafting acumen. People are very quick to point out the fact Reggie has so many bad picks, yet people really fail to look at the fact he has only 3 picks in the top 90 draft slots in 2 years when most new GM's have 6 in 2 years. Because of Reggie lacking those 3 picks in the 2012 draft which was significantly better than the 2013 draft, this team is hurting for impact players.

Take a look at the NFL draft picks Reggie has had and when you do this, notice how nearly every pick has been after the 91st overall slot.

2012 draft:

3rd round comp pick Tony Bergstrom, 95th overall
4th round comp pick Miles Burris, 129th overall
5th round pick Jack Crawford, 158th overall
5th round comp pick Juron Criner, 168th overall
6th round pick Christo Bilukidi, 189th overall
7th round Nathan Stupar, 230th overall

2013 draft:

1st round pick DJ Hayden 12th overall
2nd round pick Menelik Watson, 42nd overall
3rd round pick: Sio Moore, 66th overall
4th round pick: Tyler Wilson, 112th overall
6th round pick Nick Kasa, 172nd overall
6th round pick Latavius Murry, 181st overall
6th round pick Mychal Rivera, 184th overall
6th round comp pick Stacey McGee, 205th overall
7th round pick Brice Butler, 209th overall
7th round pick David Bass, 233rd overall

You'll notice a large percentage of his players were drafted in rounds 5 or later. 10 picks out of 16 or 62.5% of Reggie's picks are in these rounds which isn't going to lead any NFL GM to greatness and considered to have a great drafting acumen. Only 3 players out of 16 or 18.75% of his draft picks were taken within the top 90 overall so Reggie has had only 3 opportunities out of 16 to draft an impact player.

Success from drafting from the 91st overall pick through the 7th round is always going to be minimal. Expecting impacts from these picks is ridiculous. Any success story from these draft picks are always great news.

There might not be an impact player from either of these draft classes, but it's really hard to find fault in an GM who only has 3 chances at an impact player. Consider the fact 50% of his draft picks have been in the 6th round or later, it's really hard to fault Reggie for not finding a bunch of studs.

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