Making a case for drafting a QB with the first pick

I would like to state, that I understand the team has a lot of glaring needs, mainly O-line and pass rush. I must admit the idea of the 2nd coming of JJ Watt makes me get starry-eyed or less flashy but an unstoppable O-Lineman that a 7th round RB can dominate behind gets me excited. However, looking at QBs for a moment, I honestly don't think you can win a championship without an elite QB, even with an amazing team around him (example Rex Grossman).

Before everybody jumps down my throat saying "defense wins championships" or "no QB could win behind this line", let me say I completely agree. The problem is when drafting a QB a top 5 pick is a lot more likely to be successful than a late rounder. Look at the current QB's in the league:

Cardinals- Carson Palmer (1st Overall),

Falcons- Matt Ryan (3rd Overall),

Ravens- Joe Flacco (18th overall),

Bills- EJ Emanuel (16th overall),

Panthers- Cam Newton (1st overall),

Bears- Jay Cutler (11th overall)

Bengals- Andy Dalton (35th overall),

Browns- Jason Campbell (25th overall), Brandon Weeden (22nd Overall)

Cowboys- Tony Romo (undrafted),

Donkeys- Peyton Manning (1st overall)

Lions- Mathew Stafford (1st Overall)

Packers- Aaron Rodgers (24th overall)

Texans- Case Keenum (undrafted), Matt Schuab (3rd round)

Colts- Andrew Luck (1st overall)

Jaguars- Blaine Gabbert (10th overall)

Queifs- Alex Smith (1st Overall)

Dolphins- Ryan Tannehill (8th overall)

Vikings- Christian Ponder (12th overall)

Patriots- Tom Brady (199 overall)

Saints- Drew Brees (32nd overall)

Giants- Eli Manning (1st Overall)

Jets- Geno Smith (39th overall), Mark Sanchez (5th overall)

Raiders- Matt McGloin (undrafted)

Eagles- Nick Foles (88th overall)

Steelers- Ben Rothlesberger (11th overall)

Dolts- Phillip Rivers (4th overall)

49er- Collin Kaepernick (36th overall)

Seahawks- Russel Wilson (75th overall)

Rams- Sam Bradford (1st overall)

Bucs- Mike Glennon (73rd overall)

Titans- Jake Locker (8th Overall)

Redskins- RG3 (2nd overall)

Of those selected only 10 were not selected in the 1st round. That number might as well be 9 because Geno is just as good as Sanchez. Of those 9, only 4 are likely to make it to the playoffs this year. There are 11 teams with a starting QB who was taken in the first 4 picks. I would much rather have a Manning, Ryan, RG3, Luck, Stafford, or Newton as opposed to a Weeden, Locker, Ponder, Gabbert. Obviously there are hidden gems in the later rounds like Brady, Foles, and Wilson but there are a lot more Andrew Walters to sift through.

Yes, our line needs help! We have 50 million in cap space to get a free agent. Also top tier guards can be found in later rounds. We have Veldheer and Watson as bookends, with Wiz at center or if we can find a center, we can move Wiz back to guard. We can resign Pashos and Mccants for depth. So our line isn't as bad off as we thought. Defense is a huge issue as well but it does have potential and hopefully with a 2nd and a 3rd round draft picks and free agency we can get the pieces we need. Also we will have a 1st round draft pick (hopefully later in the first) next year to work on the defense.

If you are among the few that think Pryor or McGloin are the future, I hope you are right. Pryor has the size and speed to be spectacular but has to figure out how to hit the side of a barn. McGloin has an awesome story and seems to prove everyone wrong but has a weak arm and his weaknesses are being exposed. I would rather not waste 5 years trying to figure it out, if they are the better players they will beat out the rookie and we can get some trade value.

My point is that while we have a top 5 pick we should take a pick on what looks to be a good QB class. If we put it off until next years draft, then we could be looking at a later pick and stuck with a Brandon Weedon. I don't think a QB is our greatest need for next year, I think it's our biggest need to win a championship.

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